Netflix To Crack Down On VPN Users?

If you like Netflix and you live in a part of the planet that doesn’t have the selection of content that you want, you may use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to get you access to the Netflix content that you want. If you use the search engine of your choice, you can find lots of VPN options out there. However, the option of using a VPN to get the Netflix content that you want may be coming to an end as reports are surfacing that Netflix will be blocking VPN access. Here’s what had to say:

The news comes after a major industry group representing rights holders and distributors confirmed that its members were lobbying Netflix in the United States to see the US version of the service blocked for users outside that region.

Netflix is currently available in nearly 50 countries worldwide, with content varying by location according to local licensing arrangements. However, in regions where the service is not available, including Australia, residents can still access the US iteration of Netflix using a VPN or similar IP-masking tools. In Australia alone, as many as 200,000 households access US Netflix according to figures cited by the company.

Those users could soon be blocked from using the service, according to new reports.

The latest version of their Android app apparently has changes that stops users from fooling Netflix into thinking that they are from a different part of the planet than they are actually from. However, Netflix denies that they are going after VPN users:

“There have been no changes to our VPN policies,” a Netflix spokesperson said.

I’m not sure that this will convince anyone.

Now the use of VPN software to get your hands on the Netflix content that you want to see is a violation of their terms of service. After all, their content is licensed for a specific country and rights holders (aka: the studios) want to make sure that they get paid accordingly. So you cannot be surprised that Netflix would decide to go after anyone who uses such a service. Thus they are correct when they say that nothing has changed…. Other than the fact that they’re simply enforcing the rules. Perhaps what’s needed here is some clarification so that everyone knows what the deal is?

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