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#Fail: Apple Has A Weird Definition Of Diversity


This is the most bizarre thing I’ve seen from a company who should know better. Apple has been under the microscope when it comes to diversity within the company. To their credit, they put out an annual diversity and inclusion report that shows how well it is, or isn’t doing on that front. But all those efforts went straight to hell with one ill advised e-mail from an Apple employee to a reporter that highlighted the fact that at the iPhone 7 event last week, they had a very “diverse” group of people on stage:

There was a lot of diversity on that stage that you didn’t recognize. Unrecognized by you was the fact that we had a gay man, two African-Americans (Instagram and Nike), a Canadian, and a British Woman, Hannah Catmur.

Here’s where the #Fail begins:

So, as far as the person who sent this ill advised e-mail is concerned, four people who don’t work for Apple somehow count towards the diversity numbers at Apple. On top of that, having a Canadian on stage on at an Apple event is somehow diverse?

Quite honestly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I am truly hoping that this is the failings of one Apple employee. Because if it is not, Apple has a much bigger issue with diversity than they thought.

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