Apple Removes “Time Remaining” Indicator From macOS Sierra

I am a cynic by nature. I freely admit that. So when I updated to the latest version of macOS Sierra which is 10.12.2 yesterday, I noted that something was missing. The “Time remaining” indicator. In other words, macOS Sierra no longer tells you how much battery life is left in hours and minutes. It simply shows how much power in left in the form of a percentage, or a graphical representation on the menu bar.

Why would Apple do that? Well, The Loop said this:

The reason for removing it is very simple: it wasn’t accurate.

Apple said the percentage is accurate, but because of the dynamic ways we use the computer, the time remaining indicator couldn’t accurately keep up with what users were doing. Everything we do on the MacBook affects battery life in different ways and not having an accurate indicator is confusing.

Actually, I was never confused by it. And unless I was really hammering the Mac in question, I got something in the neighbourhood of whatever battery life that Apple advertises. Other Mac users that I spoke to on Tuesday said the same thing. So one has to wonder what the deal is. My take is that this is a version of what Apple did during the “AntennaGate” scandal where the iPhone 4 would drop calls if it was held in a certain way due to the design of the antenna. Apple explained how the formula it used to calculate the number of bars to display was “wrong” and released a software update to “correct” the issue. Many, including yours truly suggested that Apple was simply trying to cover up the problem. But to be fair, they also gave customers free bumper style cases as well which actually did solve the problem as it insulated your hands from the antenna. 

Fast forward to today. Apple is getting flak from users of the new MacBook Pro that the battery life of those notebooks isn’t even close to the 10 hours that Apple advertises. Could this be an “AntennaGate” like coverup in progress? I don’t know for sure. Only certain people at 1 Infinite Loop know for sure. I do know this. The optics of this really suck for Apple. In my humble opinion, they would be better off addressing this issue straight up rather than appearing to cover it up.

Oh, since I don’t want to be totally negative, let me tell you what Apple did right with this update. They fixed that GPU problem that affected new MacBook Pro users. See, they did something that users will thank them for.

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