#Fail: Amazon Web Services Is Down

If you rely on Amazon Web Services, and a lot of you do seeing as businesses like  Airbnb, Pinterest, Snapchat’s Bitmoji, Time, Citrix, CNBC, Expedia, Expensify, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Zendesk among other rely on Amazon Web Services to conduct business, I have bad news for you that you likely already know. Amazon Web Services is down. And I really mean down. Here’s the details from USA Today:

Portions of Amazon Web Services, the nation’s largest cloud computing company, went offline Tuesday afternoon, affected multiple companies across the United States but especially on the east coast. The outage appeared to have begun around 12:45 pm ET. It was centered in AWS’ S3 storage system on the east coast. Many of the services that firms use AWS are for back-end processes, and therefore not immediately visible to consumers, though the outage could disrupt customer-facing activities like logins and payments.

Lovely. If you’ve been trying to access your favorite websites and you’ve been having difficulty doing so, this is why you’re having difficulty. Amazon is apparently working on it, but people are already taking to Twitter to express….. Whatever they want to express about the situation:

UPDATE: Apparently the #Fail includes Amazon itself. Their status page is affected by this which means it is incorrectly reporting the status of Amazon AWS:

UPDATE #2: The issue was resolved just before 5PM PST.


2 Responses to “#Fail: Amazon Web Services Is Down”

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  2. […] Things seems to be working fine now, and Microsoft has acknowledged that this did happen. But the timing isn’t great after the great Amazon #fail from last week. […]

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