Data Science On The Go With Docker & Raspberry Pi

Scott Edenbaum, a recent graduate of the NYC Data Science Academy, has built a portable data science development and training platform for $20 using a Raspberry Pi and Docker.  The goal of the project was to configure and setup a Raspberry Pi computer as a self-contained Data Science development and training platform with a web interface usable by nearly any computer/tablet/etc with a web browser.

The result is a powerful, fully functional powerful data science platform that can connect to almost any device.  In a Raspberry Pi case, it measures roughly ¼ the size of US dollar bill, allowing teachers, business analysts, data scientists, or anyone with a need for mobile (and cheap) data science to use it on the go.  All of the software on the Docker image is open source, meaning anyone can use Scott’s creation for:

  • Education – learn programming in R, and Python on your tablet with a Raspberry Pi connected to the same wifi network.
  • Development testing environment – Easily fire up multiple Raspberry Pi computers with the Docker image to test Python and R code in a standardized environment.
  • Business – Analyze, manipulate, and visualize datasets with the Raspberry Pi through any networked desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Web scraping – Use Jupyter Lab to run a headless web scraper in Python or R without tying up resources on your main computer.
  • Machine Learning – Train basic regression and classification models

To learn more about the project:


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  1. Thank you for the post, very interesting information.

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