SOME Rogers Customers Are Coming Back Online…. Key Word: SOME

Here’s the latest update from the ongoing Rogers outage that has affected a client of mine along with untold others for the last few days. When I last left you, I related to you that Rogers on Sunday promised that things would be up and running by that evening. But by today, that still wasn’t the case. While the client that I mentioned in this story has yet to come back online. It appears that some Rogers customers are finally coming online. Take this example from Twitter that was provided by a reader:

I have found a few others who have come back online as well. So from that perspective, it does confirm what Rogers said in these Tweets from earlier today:

But it is nowhere near “the majority of Rogers Home Phone, TV and Internet customers”  from what I can tell and from what the dozens of people who I’ve been talking to over the last few days are telling me (and who are also among those who are yet to be back online). But there does seem to be a light to the end of this tunnel for Rogers customers who are affected by this. How long it takes them to get to the end of the tunnel still seems to be a very open question along with what the long term damage will be to Rogers in terms of their public image.

More updates as they come.

UPDATE: A reader sent me this statement which he also sent to major news outlets this morning:

My Rogers internet has been down for 5 days now and I’m very frustrated. NO news media have covered this outage. I have called Rogers many times and I’ve been total everything from “there’s no problem reported in your area”, “there is a small provisioning problem and we will be up shortly” to “it will be fixed by tonight ( two different days)”

I have no internet because Thursday morning I was talking to a tech support person about problem I had been having for about a week with internet. The girl I was talking to said it was not Rogers problem and my modem checked out remotely, it must be something in my house, maybe two many devices connected. I didn’t like this answer because nothing at the house changed and it was working weeks ago. So, she suggested I take the modem into a Rogers store and swap it. I did this Thursday at noon and asked the sales person at Rogers, “So all I have to do it plug this in and my internet will be back up and running”. They assured me it would be that easy. Well, I got home and no internet. After calling Tech support and getting many different answers and escalating the call up to a manager I found out the problem was with Rogers. And if I had not swapped my modem I’d still have internet. I was not happy at all.

This is the challenge that Canada’s largest telco faces at the moment. It’s lost a lot of goodwill because of the way that this has been handled and the lack of a resolution that encompasses the majority of their user base. The only way they can reverse this is to quickly (and by quickly, I mean today) resolve this once and for all. Then Rogers needs to work towards rebuilding the trust of their users by being forthright about what happened, why it happened, why it won’t happen again, and finally providing redress to their users. Otherwise, Rogers faces the potential of bad press as well as customers fleeing to the competition. Neither of which is ideal for them.

UPDATE #3: Angry Rogers customers have Tweeting me over the last couple hours:

It really doesn’t seem that Rogers is not winning hearts and minds here.

UPDATE #4: Another plot twist in this story. Click here for details.

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  3. 5 days without internet from Rogers. Every time the same BS. It is coming back. Didn’t see anyone stating that they get services back.
    Going to the 6th day. Rogers s..ks

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