My Fourth Trip To India: Part 1

Well, as I type this I am waiting for my flight to go on my fourth business trip to India. This trip is a follow on to my trip to India and Germany in January that I detailed in my Travelogue section. But this time, I am going to be participating in the hiring of new tech support staff for the company I worked for in January. They wanted me to be part of the process because I have very high standards when it comes to customer service and they want the very best people working for them. Thus over the last few months I’ve been helping the to screen candidates and get down to a final list of candidates who if they survive the interview process, will become members of their technical support team.

Now I have to admit that unlike previous trips to India, I have been dreading this one for one reason. Air quality. Apparently the whole city is in a blanket of smog that is so bad, that Untied Airlines which is the airline that I used in January to get to India stopped flying there briefly. Thus I am on my least favorite airline which is Air Canada because that was what was available at the time I booked my tickets. To be fair, any other time I have flown this flight with Air Canada, I have not had a problem. But my last few experiences with this airline quite frankly sucked. Thus they have an opportunity to impress me and change my mind about them seeing as I am flying both ways with them this time around. Another thing in the’s flight’s favor is that it is a direct flight to New Delhi.

Now, let me tell you about the tech that is making the trip:

  • My iPhone 7 Plus is making it’s first international foray. To keep it protected, I have a Belkin screen protector and a Urban Armor Gear case. I will be listening to music to pass the time, thus my RHA headsets are also making the trip. And since my wife won’t give back the BlueWave Audio GET which would allow me to listen to tunes wirelessly with great quality audio, I will be living the dongle life with mediocre audio. To keep the phone charged, I have my Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000.
  • My Apple Watch Series 2 is also its first international foray along with the LNKOO band I got from Amazon as I plan on using the hotel gym while I am there, and my RoadID because you can’t be too careful.
  • My MacBook Pro with Retina Display is in my laptop bag as it has always been a reliable traveller as it has proven to be rugged and durable. To ensure that I have no issues in terms protecting my data, I am traveling with this Orico drive enclosure that has a Samsung 850 EVO SSD in it. This has a bootable clone of my MacBook Pro that I can restore or boot from if I have to. I know it will work because I tested it several times in the days before my trip. It is being packed in my checked luggage so I can ensure that all copies of my data are in multiple places. Speaking of my checked luggage, I am using a Tile Sport that I got a few days ago. It promises to have more range than previous Tile products, and it is allegedly louder to boot. It will be interesting to see how well it works on this trip. Expect a review when I get back that will reveal how well it works.
  • Also in my laptop bag are the following:
    • I have the plugs that make up the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit that allows me to plug in my MacBook Pro anywhere on planet Earth.
    • I have the Olixar Travel Adapter With 4 USB Ports to allow me to charge all my USB related devices in my hotel room.
    • I have a ProCase Universal Electronics Accessories Bag that I am stashing everything from USB cables, USB-A to USB-C adapters, a SD card reader, a travel USB hub, my Apple Watch charger, a travel mouse, Ethernet cable, video and Ethernet dongles for my MacBook Pro, a Thunderbolt cable, and some USB sticks that have macOS High Sierra and Diskwarrior… Not that the latter works with High Sierra. There’s also a 16GB USB drive that’s blank in case I need it. Though I carry a 4GB drive and my 32GB Sandisk drive on my keychain. The 4GB USB drive has copies of my passport, drivers license and health card on it and there are duplicate copies of those on my iCloud account. You can file that under paranoia. I will go into more detail about what’s in this case when I arrive in India.

Speaking of the laptop bag, it’s a Tucano Figura Medium. It’s old, as in a decade old. But it’s so durable you could never tell and it’s never failed me. Though if I had to replace it I’d have problem as the company no longer sells this model.

In terms of telco services for my iPhone 7 Plus, I am using Rogers Roam Like Home service because I will be billing the $10 a day for my telco costs to my client. If I were traveling for personal reasons rather than business reasons, there’s no way that I would use this service. The reason being is that it isn’t a good value if you are traveling internationally as you can get a local SIM card to get cellular and data service for way less than what Rogers will charge you. All you need is an unlocked phone and you’re good to go on that front.

So my next stop is New Delhi India. When I arrive, I’ll detail where I am staying and what I am up to and you can expect that update on Monday if you’re in the Eastern time zone.

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