Rogers Seems To Have Widespread Issues With Their Gigabit Internet Offering…. Sigh

Over the last ten days or so, my normally fast gigabit Internet service with Rogers has become problematic again. To give you some perspective, I normally get about 900 Mbps downstream from a wired connection on the modem. Now I am lucky to get 450 to 500 Mbps. I was going to say that I had a problem with my area as this unfortunately is not the first rodeo when it comes to dealing with substantially slower speeds with Rogers gigabit Internet offering. But on a hunch, I decided to look at Twitter to see if I was the only one with these issues. It turns out that I am not:

Now if I scroll back through Twitter, there has been the odd Tweet about Rogers gigabit Internet being slow. But the pace of complaints via Twitter seems to have picked up right around the time I started to have problems again. Thus this implies that Rogers has a widespread issue of some sort with their gigabit offering.

Seeing as this is my third go round in just over a year with not getting close to gigabit speeds with Rogers, I am seriously entertaining switching to Bell. Sure they have problematic customer service and have been accused of being a bit shady at times. But everyone in my condo who has their gigabit Internet offering is getting gigabit or better speeds all the time. Having a service that delivers what is promised all the time is increasingly looking appealing despite the risk of going with a company with questionable customer service. When I work up the courage, because it does require courage to call Rogers, I will do so to see if I can get this resolved. If I can’t, I know where my next call is going.

Updates as they come.

UPDATE: In the last ten minutes, I’ve gotten emails from Rogers customers who have experienced what I have experienced. That’s pretty telling and illustrates that Rogers has a problem with their gigabit Internet service that extends beyond yours truly.


3 Responses to “Rogers Seems To Have Widespread Issues With Their Gigabit Internet Offering…. Sigh”

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