Linus Torvalds Calls Out Intel Over Epic CPU Vulnerability In Epic Fashion

Linus Torvalds who is the man behind the LINUX operating system, which means he has some “street cred” as the kids say, had some choice words for Intel via this post. In short, he was enraged by the statement that the chip giant made in relation to the CPU vulnerability that came to light in the last couple of days. Here’s the key point:

I think somebody inside of Intel needs to really take a long hard look
at their CPU’s, and actually admit that they have issues instead of
writing PR blurbs that say that everything works as designed.

.. and that really means that all these mitigation patches should be
written with “not all CPU’s are crap” in mind.

Or is Intel basically saying “we are committed to selling you shit
forever and ever, and never fixing anything”?

Because if that’s the case, maybe we should start looking towards the
ARM64 people more.

Mic drop.

That’s a slap to the face. But to be fair, I said this yesterday when I covered the release of this statement:

Interesting. A statement that’s designed to create plausible deniability and avoid a massive lawsuit. 

The fact is Intel has some explaining to do. And if they can’t explain this adequately, I wonder how they would feel if Apple, Dell, ASUS, HP and others migrate to AMD chips? Would that get their attention?


One Response to “Linus Torvalds Calls Out Intel Over Epic CPU Vulnerability In Epic Fashion”

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