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Is This A Scam Or Is This A Legitimate Text From Rogers?


Earlier tonight I got this text from “Rogers” on my iPhone:

Now the only time I have ever received a text like this is when a carrier sends one. Thus my first thought was that It was legitimate. Then I thought about it and it dawned on me that I haven’t travelled since I went to India in November. Thus there is no way this could be legitimate. I soon got a second text message. Here’s what the two of them look like:

Now I didn’t respond to this text message as I am pretty sure it’s a scam. But just to make doubly sure, I sent this Tweet over to Rogers:

So far no response. So in the absence of Rogers answering this question, I’m going to use the wisdom of the crowd to find out what the deal is. Is this a legitimate text from Rogers or is this a scam. Please leave a comment below and let me you and I will update this story when I have confirmed things either way.

UPDATE: Rogers says it’s for real.

But the thing is, I only have one line. I will be phoning them on Tuesday to find out what the deal is.

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