Feds Pull Back From Full Scale Equifax Probe…. WTF?

Reuters is reporting that the new head of the CFPB (aka: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is pulling back from a full-scale probe of how Equifax failed to protect consumer data in its breach affecting 145.5 million Americans.

All together now…. WTF?

This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. About half the American population gets affected by the most epic pwnage the world has ever seen and the US Government doesn’t want to step in and protect their citizens? That’s just mind blowing. It basically means that there is no hope whatsoever when it comes to holding companies who get pwned accountable for getting pwned. Which means that the average person is pretty much on their own. Hopefully Americans remember that when they go to the polls is their mid-term elections this November.

One Response to “Feds Pull Back From Full Scale Equifax Probe…. WTF?”

  1. […] appears that in the shadow of a probe into the pwnage of Equifax being shelved, news is appearing that seems to indicate that the pwnage was worse than first […]

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