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Apple Being Sued Over Dodgy Keyboards In MacBook And MacBook Pros

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First there was a petition that as I type this has over 17,000 signatures. Now there’s a class action lawsuit here. that was filed in Northern California that argues that  “thousands” of users have suffered from problems with the butterfly keyboard. Not only that, any amount of dust and debris can make them problematic and Apple only offers temporary solutions that don’t lead to fixes. The lawsuit seeks damages, legal fees, and calls for Apple to disclose the keyboard flaws and replace defective units, including reimbursement for the initial laptop purchase.

Apple now has a problem on its hands. The fact is that these keyboards suck. I don’t recommend these notebooks to my clients and I have held off buying a replacement for my 2015 MacBook Pro with a newer model because of the keyboard. Apple really needs to step up to the plate here and address this because their usual behavior of just ignoring stuff like this is not working.


Today is Science Rendezvous!

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Join Science Rendezvous, Canada’s biggest science festival, for events across the country on May 12. This FREE, one-day, family festival celebrates feats in science   and engineering with more than 300 simultaneous events across 30 cities, and thousands of mind-blowing, demonstrations and activities.

Hosted by universities and colleges across Canada, this will be the most ambitious edition of Science Rendezvous to date. From St. John’s to Vancouver, to the edge of the Artic, to a five-block street festival in downtown Toronto, Science Rendezvous is focused on giving the public one-of-kind experiences with Canadian research.

Science Rendezvous takes science and engineering out of the lab and onto the street and community spaces for you to discover and experience. It’s uniquely designed and run by Canada’s scientists, innovators, and the next generation of creators!

Experience augmented reality demos, hovercrafts, large-scale experiments and Science Chase races. There’s so much to see and explore, it will be the most fun your family has with science all year, and it’s FREE for everyone.

The Science Rendezvous theme this year is Full STEAM Ahead!  On Saturday, May 12, you are invited to celebrate with us across the country as we feature art in science as part of this Canada-wide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) showcase. Science Rendezvous is a marquee event and signature partner of Science Odyssey, Canada’s 10-day celebration of discovery and innovation.

For more information about Science Rendezvous events in your city visit:‐sites/


YouTuber Mini Ladd Livestreaming 24hrs This Weekend To End World Water Crisis

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This weekend, popular YouTuber, Craig ‘Mini Ladd’ Thompson will be live-streaming for 24 hours to raise money for Thirst Project – The world’s largest youth water organization. With a big heart and passion for giving back, Mini Ladd has made it a point to include his followers in campaigns to help various organizations – and the goal this weekend is to raise at least $48,000 which is enough money to build 4 wells in Swaziland to provide clean water there to those who do not have it!

Mini Ladd will be going live for 12 hours on Saturday 5/12 and 12 hours on Sunday 5/13 – and will have fun with his fans with giveaways and challenges and they celebrate milestones along the way.

With over  4.6 million subscribers and 2.8 million social followers, Mini Ladd has landed himself in the Top 3 most popular YouTubers in Ireland, and #1 in Northern Ireland. Often collaborating with his friends and creating lifestyle videos, Mini Ladd’s rapid success has boosted attention for his channel worldwide. As he surpasses 1 billion views on his YouTube channel, Mini Ladd consistently keeps his content fresh for viewers of all ages.

Link to stream: