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Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go On The Internet, I Get Alerted To A New Extortion Phishing Scam


Over the last little while, there’s been nothing new on the extortion phishing scam front. In fact, I even Tweeted about the lack of action:

Well, that was yesterday. And clearly the Internet Gods heard me because today I got a tip about a new version of this scam. And I have to admit, it’s got one creative element in it:

Hi, my prey.

This is my last warning.

I write you because I attached a trojan on the web site with porno which you have viewed.
My trojan сaрturеd аll yоur рrivаtе datа and switchеd оn your cаmеrа which reсorded thе асt of yоur sоlitary sex. Just аftеr thаt thе trojan saved your соntact list.
I will erase the cоmpromising vidеo rеcords аnd infоrmatiоn if yоu send mе 500 EURO in bitcoin.
This is аddrеss for pаyment :  [Bitcoin Wallet Address Redacted]

I give yоu 30 hours аftеr yоu oреn my mеssage for making thе раymеnt.
As sооn аs you rеad the mеssagе I’ll sеe it right awаy.
It is not nеcessary tо tell me thаt you havе sent money to me. This аddress is сonnесtеd to yоu, my system will erаsеd аutomaticаlly after trаnsfеr сonfirmаtion.
If you nеed 48h just Оpеn thе саlculаtor оn yоur desktоp аnd prеss +++
If yоu don’t рay, I’ll sеnd dirt to аll yоur соntасts.      
Lеt mе remind yоu-I seе whаt you’re doing!
You can visit the pоliсe offiсе but аnybody сan’t hеlр you. 
If you try to deceive mе , I’ll knоw it immеdiatеly! 

I dоn’t livе in yоur соuntry. So аnyоne can nоt trаck my lосatiоn even for 9 months.
bye. Dоn’t forgеt аbout thе shame and tо ignorе, Yоur life саn be ruined.

So, while a lot of the content is recycled and not particularly new, I will give the scumbags points for creativity because of this:

If you nеed 48h just Оpеn thе саlculаtor оn yоur desktоp аnd prеss +++

In the absence of serving up a password which would give the scam email some degree of perceived legitimacy, the losers behind this email give off the impression that they can actually see you. I have to admit that this is pretty crafty and might fool a less sophisticated user. Other than that, it’s the same playbook as the last last ten extortion phishing scams that I told you about in the last few months. Sigh. #Fail. If you get one of these emails, simply delete it and move on with your day.


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