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Are Rogers And Fido Rolling Out eSIM Support? [UPDATED: Who Knows??]

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It seems that Rogers and their flanker brand Fido might be on the verge something that for a change will make their users happy. According to Apple’s website, they now support eSIM. Here’s some snapshots proving that:

Rogers esim


Weirdly, this other document doesn’t show that either carrier has eSIM support. I’m guessing that it has to be updated. Or maybe someone jumped the gun. I checked both of Rogers Twitter feeds and no mention of eSIM support there. Ditto for Fido. But it does make sense as one of the things that iOS 12.1.1 which was released today did was add eSIM support for more carriers. All Rogers and Fido customers need is some sort of official statement and instructions on how to make this work.

Watch this space for updates.

UPDATE: This is what Rogers is saying on Twitter when they are asked about eSIM support:

This despite the fact that the Apple website page that I referenced at the start of the article has not changed two days after this information was posted. You would think that if Apple screwed up, they would have fixed it by now. Thus one has to assume that Apple is sharing information that to them is correct. What further highlights this disconnect between Rogers/Fido and Apple is that this Apple webpage has been updated to match the other web page that I referenced at the start of this article. Thus you have to wonder what the deal is with Rogers giving responses like the Tweet above seeing as Apple is singing a different tune.

I sense another Rogers PR gong show in the making.

UPDATE #2: As of January 2nd, it appears all references to Rogers supporting eSIM are gone from this Apple webpage. But strangely, Fido is still listed as supporting eSIM. Seeing as Rogers and Fido are the same company, that’s beyond bizarre. What adds to the bizarre nature of this is that this Apple webpage still lists both companies as supporting eSIM.

This is highly confusing. And this answer from one hour before I posted this story addes to the confusion:

Read a certain way, it sort of implies that eSIM support is still coming on Rogers.

At this point, who knows what the deal is and it would be nice if Rogers, Fido and Apple would clarify the situation.


Internal Facebook Emails Published By UK Parliament Detail Use Of Its Free iOS ‘Spyware’ VPN…. Time To #DeleteFacebook

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I bet that Mark Zuckerberg wishes that he had accepted that invite from the UK government among others right about now. I say that because The UK parliament has today publicly shared secret internal Facebook emails that cover a wide-range of the company’s tactics related to its free iOS VPN app that was used as spyware, recording users’ call and text message history, and much more. You might remember that the VPN app in question created all sorts of negative noise for Facebook before it was removed from the App Store earlier this year. Bloomberg has the details on this bombshell:

The documents, which had been sealed by a California court, led lawmakers to conclude that Facebook undertook deals with third party apps that continued to allow access to personal data.

Damian Collins, head of the committee, added that Facebook shut off access to data required by competing apps, conducted global surveys of the usage of mobile apps by customers possibly without their knowledge, and that a change to Facebook’s Android app policy that resulted in call and message data being recorded was deliberately made difficult for users to know about.


Collins said last week that he would release the emails and that he was free under U.K. law to do so. He’d obtained the documents after compelling the founder of U.S. software company Six4Three to hand them over during a business trip to London.

The full data dump can be found here. It is very much worth your time to look at.

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be absolutely crystal clear now that when it comes to Facebook, not only are you the product, but it can’t be trusted to manage your data in a responsible manner. Thus if you really care about your privacy, you need to #DeleteFacebook and do so now. There is nothing to be gained by being on that platform any longer.


2-in-3 Canadian SMBs Have Had Cash-Flow Issues: Intuit

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Intuit Canada has uncovered surprising results over the state of small business cash flow – the lifeblood of any business’ success – in Canada. Cash flow issues are impacting everything from work-life balance, opportunities for growth and their employees, with nearly a third (29 per cent) of SMBs being unable to pay their employees.

Some of the key findings from the study include:

  • Recent Status: More than a third (34 per cent) of Canadian small businesses have experienced cash flow issues in the last 12 months.
  • Up at Night: A vast majority (67 per cent) of small business owners in Canada have been kept up at night by concerns about cash flow, even if their company has never experienced issues with cash flow.
  • Big Losses: On average, small business owners in Canada are losing $28,885 by foregoing a project or sales specifically due to issues created by insufficient cash flow.
  • Not Cashing In: More than 2 in 5 (41 per cent) of Canadian small business owners’ companies have lost $10,000 or more by foregoing a project or sales specifically due to issues created by insufficient cash flow.

You can read more about the findings here.

Box Appoints VP For Canada

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Box, a leader in cloud content management has appointed former Salesforce Executive, Adam Drew, as Vice President for Canada. Box has been vocal about its interest in the Canadian market and sees this as an exciting opportunity to help Canadian enterprises with their digital transformation journey.

Adam has over two decades of leadership experience with technology companies such as Salesforce, Oracle and Computer Associates Inc. Based in Toronto, Adam will focus on building the Canadian business specifically large enterprise and government customers.

You can learn more about Adam via this blog post.

Giftagram & Bumble Partner To Curate The Ultimate Gifting Experience This Holiday

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This holiday season, Bumble and Giftagram are partnering to curate unique gifts tailored for each of Bumble’s platforms—Date, BFF, and Bizz—in celebration of a shared vision to build meaningful relationships.

The gifts included in each of the three exclusive guideswere selected with a range of recipients and relationships in mind; tailored for new connections to the most intimate of bonds. The Giftagram x Bumble holiday gift guides help remove the hassle and stress of holiday gifting, enabling gifters to focus time and energy on the people they appreciate. As an added perk, the Giftagram partnership gives Canadian Bumble users of all three platforms access to an exclusive gift discount which can be found in-app.

Giftagram brings back the timeless and thoughtful act of giving with ease. A mobile-first curated gifting platform, the platform has redefined the act of giving with its seamless user experience.

Giftagram partners with premium local retailers and international brands to curate an exclusive selection of products and unforgettable experiences. A gift is sent to the lucky recipient—no address needed. Giftagram does the work for the consumer, reaching out via text or email to coordinate preferred delivery.

Bumble has revolutionized the way people date, find friends, and network, and has changed the perception of meeting online for the better. Shared values of kindness and thoughtfulness made this partnership a perfect match for the 2018 holiday season. Their multiple networking platforms help users to build romantic, friendly, and professional relationships in an environment that is inclusive and promotes empowerment.

Shop the guides here.