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Facebook Tries & Fails Miserably To Explain Why It Gave Tech Giants Access To All Sorts Of Data So That You Don’t #DeleteFacebook


Facebook is in deep trouble and they know it. The thing is that they cannot seem to dig themselves out of it. Take this example. Coming on the heels of this report where Facebook was caught giving dozens of companies access to user data including private messages, is this post on its Newsroom site. In the post Facebook tries to explain that it worked with partners to integrate messaging functionalities into their products. This integration allowed people to message their Facebook friends on the other platforms, so long as they used Facebook to log in. The problem is it falls apart with statements like this:

We worked closely with four partners to integrate messaging capabilities into their products so people could message their Facebook friends — but only if they chose to use Facebook Login. These experiences are common in our industry — think of being able to have Alexa read your email aloud or to read your email on Apple’s Mail app.

Seriously Facebook? Did your PR minions really think this response through before you stuck it on your website? It isn’t even close to being in the same universe as credibility. It blows my mind to imagine that anyone would take this response seriously. And it shows once again that the only way to deal with Facebook’s issues is to #DeleteFacebook. Do it for the holidays. You’ll thank me for it.

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