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Happy New Year… Here’s Another Email Extortion Phishing Scam For You To Be Aware Of


This latest email based extortion phishing scam is designed to tug on your heartstrings. But don’t be fooled. It is a scam and the low life scumbags behind it don’t deserve any of your money. Here’s the latest scam email that a reader forwarded to me:


As you can see from the subject of this email your account has been compromised, you can also see i have sent you this email from your own account to show you i have full access to it. I also know one of the passwords you used to use was [PASSWORD REDACTED]. Read this FULL email to find out what to do and what happened.
You visit adult websites on a regular basis. One of these websites was injected with a backdoor i created. This backdoor installed itself onto your system giving me FULL access to it. I have downloaded all your files, contacts, information, etc.
Furthermore from time to time i activated your camera and recorded some videos and took some shots of you while you “satisfied” yourself watching adult content. Don’t be alarmed, read on and i will tell you what to do.

I reside in a country where it is very hard to support my family, this is why i do this, you are not targeted by me, you just visited the wrong site at the wrong time.

I could send all the nasty videos and pictures along with all the information of all the sites you visit and all your files to all your contacts, friends and family but i don’t think you want me to do that. This will have a very negative impact on your social life, infact this will end your social life, imagine the disgrace! So read on and find out what to do.

When you opened this email my system activated a timer, from now on you have 8 hours to make a donation of $550 or 480€ to this bitcoin address: [BITCOIN ADDRESS REDACTED] (copy paste this, it is case sensitive).
If you don’t know how to use bitcoins use any search engine, it is very easy and there are alot of websites selling bitcoins instantly using your debit or credit card.

Think of this as a donation for me to support my loved ones.

My system will monitor the given bitcoin address for any transactions. If you do this within the given timeframe my system will automatically delete the videos, pictures and information i have of you and the backdoor will close itself and you will never hear from me again and you can go on living your life like this never happened.
If you don’t do this my system will automatically send all information of the websites you visit, all the videos i recorded and the pictures i took to all your loved ones, contacts and friends when the timer ends. Furthermore your system will lock up and you will never be able to use it again! Don’t let this happen, remember the impact this will have on your social life!

It does not matter how many times you change your passwords, my backdoor will always grant me access to your system.

Try to think of this as a contribution for somebody trying to feed his family. I am sorry i have to do this but i will do whatever it takes to support my family.

Your time is counting!

Good luck!

Now the only “proof” that they provide is the fact that the scumbags behind this allegedly have sent this from your email address and the password that was allegedly used at the time (which in this case was changed many years ago). When I examined the email I discovered that while it does display the email address of the targeted individual, it was actually sent from a server called which is located in Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific as opposed to GoDaddy which is where the email of the targeted individual was actually hosted. As for the part of needing to do this to support their family, even if that were true it is not an excuse to engage in criminal behavior as this is what this scam is. The bottom line is that if you get an email like this, delete it and move on with your day. And if you want to see the numerous variants of this scam, click here as I have documented as many as I can to ensure that you don’t become a victim.

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