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Decayeux Group Unveils “Walter” Mobile App at CES

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The Decayeux Group, the French innovators specializing in security products since 1872, will be introducing Walter, a new mobile security and social app, at CES 2019 being held here January 7-11, 2019. Walter has been developed as a support tool for MyColisBox™, Decayeux’s secure parcel delivery solution, but it also serves as a new social and concierge platform for college dormitories, offices, and residential buildings.

Walter is a mobile app that runs on your smartphone or mobile device to alert you when a package is delivered to a nearby MyColisBox for pickup. MyColisBox can be installed in offices, apartment buildings, condominiums, student housing, marinas – anywhere people need a secure, self-service location to receive packages. However, Walter is more than a delivery alert application – it also has been designed to help residents and co-workers connect and shop using MyColisBox as a social media focal point.

With Walter APP users can connect with others in their community to borrow and lend items, barter, and even receive goods from area businesses. The concept is to promote social cohesion by using mobile technology to connect people using the physical secure delivery system, MyColisBox, as a focal point for the building.

In addition to the app Decayeux has developed Walter BOARD, a digital notice board that allows users to post and share information in real time. Walter BOARD can be used to post items for sale, offer items to share, or to advertise goods and services provided by area merchants. It also can serve as a community bulletin board, alerting users about building services, events, and other notifications.

Rounding out the Walter offering is Walter PARTNERS, which is designed to connect merchants and service providers with MyColisBox users via Walter. Walter PARTNERS allows businesses to promote concierge services and use MyColisBox to deliver goods and pick up items from residents and connected users. For example, restaurants and grocery services can make deliveries via MyColisBox, or cleaners can collect and deliver dry cleaning using MyColisBox as a pickup and delivery point and using Walter BOARD to promote their services.

The Decayeux Group will be demonstrating Walter and MyColisBox at CES at the Sands Hall in Booth 40534. For more information, visit



Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. Announces LectroFan Micro2 At CES

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Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc., the sleep sound experts and leading supplier of sleep sound machines, today announced its newest innovation in sleep technology, LectroFan Micro2. Following the success of LectroFan Micro, a top-rated, travel-ready sound machine, Micro2 is designed with improved sound quality and functionality.


Micro2 is a portable sound machine designed for sleep and relaxation. Featuring premium sound, Micro2 allows users to sleep through common noise disturbances with the built-in sleep sounds, or listen to their favorite audio using Micro2’s Bluetooth mode. Now with easy to use volume and play/pause buttons and a larger battery, Micro2 provides users with a better experience. These refinements were based on feedback from LectroFan Micro customers.

For relaxation and sleep, users can choose from 11 unique, non-looping digital sounds including 5 fan sound programs, 4 brown and pink noises, and 2 synthesized ocean surf sounds. In Bluetooth speaker mode Micro2 can connect with wireless devices or phones for listening to music, podcasts, conference calls, and other streaming audio. Micro2 features a sleek, compact design which makes it easy to store in luggage, handbag or pocket. Micro2 retains the iconic swivel speaker design of the original model and the added speaker phone function of Micro2 completes its usefulness as an effective travel companion.

Micro2’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours when used for sleep sounds or up to 20 hours in Bluetooth mode. Micro2 is available in charcoal, chalk white, and metallic red.

LectroFan Micro2 Features:

  • 11 unique sleep sounds; fan sounds (5), brown/pink noises (4), ocean sounds (2)
  • Excellent noise masking for uninterrupted sleep
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker
  • Separate Volume and Sound controls
  • Compact, stylish, and functional design
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Available in 3 colors: charcoal, chalk white, and metallic red

The LectroFan Micro2 is available for purchase at and for $34.95.

In addition to showcasing their latest innovations at the Pepcom Digital Experience! Event on Monday, Jan. 7, the brand will also be exhibiting at the Sands Expo, booth #42742.

Airthings Introduces Their Newest Air Quality Monitor At CES

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Airthings, specialists in indoor air quality and producers of the best-selling digital radon detectors on the market, today announces the launch of their newest smart air quality monitor, Wave Mini, slated to make its official debut at CES 2019. The latest addition to Airthings’ growing ecosystem of devices, Wave Mini is an expertly-crafted air quality companion that comes with an entry-level price tag, a perfect starting point for any homeowner looking to gain insight into the quality of their indoor air or as an addition to their smart home system. For the first time ever, CES 2019 attendees will be able to experience the Wave Mini in person from January 8-11, 2019 at Airthings Booth #40549 in the Smart Home area of the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.

Wave Mini is a small product with the ability to make a big impact. As an extension of Airthings’ existing product line of smart radon detectors and air quality monitors, including the award winning Wave Plus and the brand’s flagship Wave, the Wave Mini provides insights into three critical air components: total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), temperature, and humidity, allowing you to visualize any changes in air quality or comfort levels in every room of your home – all while coming in at a cost-friendly price. VOCs are common toxins and potentially-harmful chemicals that are omnipresent in indoor environments, typically caused by human-made pollutants like aerosol sprays, paints, fumes, cleaning products and even humans themselves. With the average person spending 90% of their time indoors, gaining insight into air quality contaminants and being able to take action with simple steps like opening a window or turning on a fan can dramatically impact and improve the air we breathe and therefore our comfort, mood and most importantly, our health.

Viewing current and historical measurements is easy with the free Airthings mobile app and online dashboard where you gain a full understanding of the air quality levels in every room, giving you the power to take the most effective action. The Airthings Wave family of products connect using Bluetooth or Airthings Smartlink to the Airthings Hub, and integrate with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and most recently, Google Assistant, allowing for a fully customizable smart home experience. In addition, localized outdoor air quality data is now available for all Wave family users.  Airthings knows the value of also knowing your outdoor air quality levels to make informed decisions on ventilation therefore they have partnered with BreezoMeter, the leaders in outdoor air pollution data.

The launch of the Wave Mini comes on the heels of significant recent success for Airthings’ burgeoning product range. Recently, the brand’s newly-released Wave Plus received the prestigious accolade of being named an Honoree for CES’ 2019 Innovation Awards, representing the most impactful and groundbreaking technology products released in 2018. In addition, in 2018 Airthings launched, which is the first and most comprehensive real-time view into global radon levels. By launching the Wave Mini at CES 2019, Airthings continues to establish its footprint as a trusted worldwide leader in the rapidly-growing smart home indoor air quality sector.

Wave Mini will be available for pre-order throughout Europe and the US beginning January 31st  with an MSRP of $79 USD. To find more information on the Wave Mini, indoor air quality and why long-term monitoring is important, visit the Airthings website at

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. Announces LectroSound At CES

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Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc., (ASTI) the sleep sound experts and a leading supplier of sleep sound machines, today announced the launch of LectroSound, a totally unique sleep sound and noise masking product. Following the success and popularity of the award winning and top-rated LectroFan, LectroSound is the first high-quality sound machine that leverages advanced analog techniques to create pure white noise.  The sound generated by this new approach to sleep technology promotes relaxation and restful sleep through warm non-looping tones that also mask noise disturbances.

This groundbreaking design combined with simple and intuitive user controls make LectroSound the only sound machine that provides pure white noise, which cannot be accomplished with the digital design techniques used in other sound machines.

LectroSound sleep sound machines feature continuously adjustable white noise with dials that smoothly adjust tone and volume. Users can turn on LectroSound with the press of a button and turn a dial to select their sleep sound preference. Its sleek design has universal appeal that fits nicely into any space.

LectroSound can be purchased at and for $24.95.

In addition to showcasing their latest innovations at the Pepcom Digital Experience! Event on Monday, Jan. 7, the brand will also be exhibiting at the Sands Expo, booth #42742.

TP-Link Announces A Number Of Products At CES

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Today at CES, TP-Link has launched OneMesh home networking and its first Wi-Fi 6 products:

  • Deco X10 Whole Home Mesh Wifi
  • Archer AX110000 gaming router – CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree
  • Archer AX6000 router
  • Archer AX1800 for price conscious consumers
  • AX1800 Range Extender

Kasa Smart has also introduced its new artificial intelligence, cloud-based platform for cross-product interaction. Smart Action adds features such as face recognition and an AI filtered video summary that work across the Kasa Smart portfolio:

  • Kasa Smart Video Doorbell
  • Kasa Smart Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera System
  • Kasa Smart Spot Indoor Security Camera
  • Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch with Voice Assistant – CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree
  • Kasa Smart WiFi Power Outlet
  • Kasa Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug
  • Kasa Smart WiFi LED Light Strip

TP-Link’s products will be on display during CES at the Sands, Halls A-D, Booth 42765, and at Pepcom at the Mirage Hotel.

More information can be found in the following press releases:

Alienware m17 Announced At CES

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For gamers desiring a larger screen size to dominate their competition without the excess weight that usually comes with it, the new Alienware m17 makes its triumphant debut at CES.

Alienware’s thinnest, lightest 17” laptop at only 5.79 lbs., which is 40% lighter than its predecessor, combines sizable graphics, uncompromised performance and easy mobility.
Available in Epic Silver and Nebula Red, the m17 derives its light strength from such premium materials as magnesium alloy and copper. Along with exceptional thermal management, gamers will marvel at its gameplay performance with the option of 8th gen Intel Core i9K processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max Q GPUs for the ultimate laptop gaming experience.

The GeForce RTX 20 Series graphic processors for laptops are powered by Turing architecture with real time ray tracing, artificial intelligence and programmable shading that enable Alienware’s thinnest, fastest and quietest laptops.

The Alienware m17 is available Jan. 29, 2019 starting at $1,649.99

Alienware m15 Announced At CES

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The Alienware m15 is their thinnest laptop ever. Designed around their “Epic” industrial design language, the m15 introduces the concept of “thin and light” to the notebook gaming portfolio of 2018.

alienware m15_3

Staying true to our brand tenants, the m15 is constructed using a combination of premium materials including magnesium alloy and copper serving as light structural components and exceptional thermal management, respectively. Gamers looking for the ability to play their favorite titles with uncompromised graphics performance, support for desktop graphics upgrades, and up to 17 hours of battery life with the optional 90 Whr battery on idle.

The Alienware m15 with is available Jan. 29, 2019, starting at $1,579.99.