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Canadians Want Meaning In Their Work, & They’re Willing To Sacrifice To Get It: ServiceNow


What would you be willing to sacrifice in your job if it meant that the work you do provided you with more meaning? When we think about what motivates us at work, money is usually the first thing that comes to mind, however that is not necessarily the case. A new survey from ServiceNow shows it may not be money, or a new title, or even the corner office that motivates us. In fact, it’s meaning.

A study of over 1,500 Canadian office workers, by workflow automation company ServiceNow, found that four in five Canadian office workers (81%) need the majority of their work to be meaningful. However, they’re spending on average 76 per cent more of their time on menial tasks than they would like. And when it comes to dealing with their menial tasks, Canadian office workers expect their employers to offer solutions.

Study findings uncovered key insights on the value Canadian office workers place on meaningful work, and how they feel about menial tasks:

Meaning means more for millennials

Millennials, who now make up the largest generation in Canada’s workforce, bring with them a change in how employers think about the employee experience, and the role that meaningful work plays in this.

The survey uncovered that:

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