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EnGenius Launches Smart Tri-Band Router to Optimize Home Wireless Connectivity

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EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational wireless networking company, known for delivering future-proof wi-fi solutions for consumers and businesses, today announced ESR580 – the company’s latest consumer tri-band smart mesh router. The new member of the EnGenius family delivers fantastic price-performance mesh networking value to both entry-level IoT consumers and seasoned technology enthusiasts who demand all connected home devices have the highest-performance bandwidth. The new product meets the requirement for more reliable and affordable home broadband bandwidth that matches the ever-growing needs of modern smart homes. The ESR580 overcomes common challenges such as providing a stable internet connection to remote parts of any house such as basements, garages, yards, and lofts.


Backed by a reliable tri-band technology, ESR580 provides a dedicated band for backhaul (network backbone connection) ensuring smart devices on the home mesh network maximize the internet connection. The ESR580 streams uninterrupted 4K video and provides a rock-solid broadband connection that elevates even the most bandwidth-demanding online gaming experience on consoles, Macs, and PCs–all within a single network and from any part of a house.

The evolutionary EnGenius ESR580 is equipped with reliable MU-MIMO technology that enhances communication within the network, ensuring consumers can count on the most dependable and fast broadband connection everywhere throughout the home. The device features a 360 degree high-performance antenna that satisfies the growing user demand for a single, reliable network that delivers the strongest home Wi-Fi coverage.  The ESR580’s rapid roaming capabilities enable consumers to move from room to room with no network interruptions.

Easy-to-use, free apps help users take complete control over their home networks. Creating a robust Wi-Fi mesh network only takes a few minutes for even the most inexperienced with the user-friendly EnMesh app. EnMesh guarantees users mastery over their home mesh network with real-time data about everyone connected to the network, as well as enforcing parental controls.  The mobile app lets homeowners go anywhere and stay connected in real-time to their home network.

The “smart” in the smart router solution not only optimizes wireless connectivity through smart mesh technology, but also expands on typical router functionality, giving users a free and secure private cloud solution.  Easily connect an external hard drive to the ESR580 and the EnFile app lets users safely access documents, photos, music, and video files from anywhere.

The ESR580 comes in a pack of two (MSRP $249.99) and can easily expand to meet any homes needs with additional ESR580 single packs for MSRP $129.99. For more information about EnGenius Technologies’ consumer products, visit

Canadian Businesses Must Digitize to Remain Competitive: Salesforce

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Salesforce has released a report that explores the pivotal role of technology in Canadian business. It looks at how companies are (and are not) digitizing, with a lens into some of the major barriers and concerns Canadian businesses have about keeping up.

The report reveals that 79 per cent of Canadian businesses agree that in order for Canada to be seen as a global leader in innovation, it is essential for all sectors to digitize — but 1 in 3 Canadian businesses recognize that their use of tech has stayed the same over the past three years and about half admit they don’t know where to get practical advice on how to use emerging tech.

From significant government investments in AI to a growing number of start-ups cropping up across the country, Canada has become a hotbed for innovation. But, in an increasingly automated world, embracing digital adoption and cloud technology is paramount to staying competitive. Salesforce is looking to better understand the barriers many Canadian businesses still face through this report, which contains responses across industries, and over indexes on legacy sectors which are set to feel the greatest effects of automation.

Report Highlights

  • 79% of Canadians believe it is essential for all sectors to digitize in order for Canada to be seen as a global leader in innovation
  • Yet 52% believe that Canada still lags behind other countries when it comes to technology adoption
  • Canadian businesses that have significantly increased their use of tech are twice as likely as others (27% vs. 13%) to report strong growth over the past three years
  • Although Canadian businesses are slower to adopt technologies like AI, adoption over the next three years is expected to more than double
  • 60% of Canadian businesses believe AI and emerging tech will replace a lot of jobs
  • About half (49%) of Canadian businesses say it’s difficult to get advice about how to apply emerging tech (automation, big data, AI)
  • 62% of Canadian businesses say it’s difficult to find and attract the right talent with tech skills needed to thrive in today’s environment

Salesforce has a microsite here and you can download the report from there.

Infographic: Research Reveals The Increasing Value Of Accountants For SMBs

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SMB infographic-01

Source: Zoho

TP-Link OneMesh Upgrades Your Home’s Wi-Fi With Seamless Roaming

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TP-Link, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products today announced the expansion of its Mesh product lineup by adding the RE300 OneMeshTM AC1200 Range Extender. TP-Link OneMesh offers consumers more choices and options to experience whole-home Wi-Fi without replacing existing networking devices or purchasing a new Wi-Fi ecosystem.

While most whole-home Wi-Fi systems are considered expensive by the average consumer, OneMesh allows TP-Link router users to upgrade their home Wi-Fi to Mesh technology by simply updating their router’s firmware and adding a OneMesh range extender. OneMesh products will extend into Powerlines and be offered with TP-Link’s small office and home office product lines. The first OneMesh product available is the RE300 OneMesh AC1200 Range Extender which features up to 300 Mbps at 2.4GHz and 867 Mbps at 5GHz and works with Archer C7/Archer A7 models (firmware upgrades are required for the routers to use OneMesh).

OneMesh is a powerful technology that reliably eliminates dead zones and boosts signal strength with a single Wi-Fi network that extends to every corner of the home. Consumers no longer need to wander around in search of a stronger or faster signal. OneMesh intelligently connects mobile devices to the router or extender, whichever provides the best connection. Compatible OneMesh routers and extenders share a single Wi-Fi name so wireless users stay connected to the same network as they roam from room-to-room, enjoying uninterrupted streaming or downloading.

OneMesh ensures wireless devices are operating at top speeds with Adaptive Path Selection (APS) and Band Steering. Both technologies operate together to optimally select the fastest connection path to transfer data. TP-Link’s Mesh products have self-healing capabilities to ensure all wireless devices are always connected even if the network setup disconnects, so the Wi-Fi network is consistently stable and no dropped connections are experienced. Setup with the Tether app simplifies Wi-Fi extension onboarding and management.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Dual band (2.4GHz at 300 Mbps and 5GHz at 867 Mbps)
  • Creates smart roaming Mesh network (single network name) on 802.11k/v standard
  • Smart signal to find optimal location
  • WPS button for easy, secure setup. Alternatively, the Tether app for network control and management on smartphone is available.
  • Works with any compatible Wi-Fi router and access point. See full list of compatible products:

Pricing and Availability:

The RE300 AC1200 OneMesh Range Extender will be available at online retailers for an MSRP of $49.99 CAD.