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TELUS Serves Up Another Promo Plan In Response To Rogers

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Hot off the heels of serving up this plan which was a direct result to what Rogers surprisingly came out with a couple of days ago, TELUS has served up another promo plan.

If you click here, you’ll notice that there is now a 20GB plan with a 5GB bonus for 24 months starting at $95 a month for new, renewing and existing BYOD customers. Like the original plan that I linked to, this plan is time limited as it expires on July 2nd. So if you’re interested, you may want to act quickly.

Activ5: The New Smart Fitness Device Arriving At Apple Stores This Week

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Activbody, Inc., a health and fitness product innovator, is excited to announce that their flagship product, the portable smart fitness device Activ5, is now available at and in select Apple Stores.

The Activ5 is unique because, with its companion training app, users are able to access and track their activity from over a hundred personalized 5-minute strength-training workouts and exercises that can be performed anywhere.

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Activ5 recently announced an Apple Watch app and the adoption of HealthKit.The app includes exercise and heart rate tracking and calculates energy burned. With HealthKit, users will be able to see the data tracked on Apple Watch in the Apple Health app on iPhone.

Activ5 will be one of the few non-Apple products that customers will be able to demo at the giant retail store, which will allow millions to see how fun and effective it is to exercise with Activ5 anywhere or get an idea of what training like the Pittsburgh Steelers’ football players feels like.

The Activ5 team doing live demos at two Apple stores on Friday June 14th:


Huawei Delays Foldable Smartphone…. And Trolls Samsung In The Process

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Huawei who revealed a foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year has now decided to put the product on pause. Here’s the reason that was given via a Huawei spokesperson to CNBC:

We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation

Clearly that’s a not so subtle reference to Samsung who’s Galaxy Fold product has become an bit of a joke at this point because of the screen issues that were highlighted by reviewers before the product actually shipped. Clearly Huawei, who has 99 problems at the moment, doesn’t want a sub par foldable smartphone to be one of them. And a tip of the hat to them for their expert trolling of Samsung. Well played.

Bell Fibe TV Does An #EpicFail During Historic Toronto Raptors Title Run…… TWICE

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Imagine being one of the three largest telcos in Canada and having your customers not be able to watch the biggest games in the history of the country right when it mattered most. That’s what happened to Bell Canada when it’s Fibe TV product did a #Fail twice during the Toronto Raptors run to the NBA title. It failed once during game five with about a minute to go in the game (which the Raptors lost). Which of course resulted in outrage and forced Bell Canada to send out an email to their customers that said this:

Customers using the Fibe TV app, including Mobile TV, Satellite TV and Alt TV customers, lost service for approximately 10 minutes on Monday night due to a hardware malfunction. The outage impacted all channels on the app, including the last moments of the Toronto Raptors game.

 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will be automatically applying a $10 credit to your account.

But last night with about 5 minutes to go in game 6 (which the Raptors won), it happened again. And the outrage on Twitter was epic:

What’s really ironic about all of this is the Bell Canada is a part owner of the Raptors, and George Cope who is the CEO of Bell was actually on hand at Oracle Arena to watch the Raptors win and accept the trophy after the victory. Something that wasn’t lost on angry Bell customers:

My wife and I almost switched to Bell about 2 weeks ago as they have some really enticing offers to draw you in. But we instead renewed with Rogers for 2 years after they came to the table with some offers that kept our phone, Internet and TV costs within the bounds of reality. And that now seems to be a great decision as it is pretty clear that the Bell TV offering isn’t robust enough to handle an event like the Toronto Raptors run to the NBA title. Let’s face it Bell Canada failed miserably on the biggest stage possible and it’s going to affect their ability to entice people to switch to them. Not only that, I suspect that their retentions department is flooded with calls at the moment from customers who couldn’t see the only Canadian NBA team win their first title.

It sucks to be Bell Canada right now.

UPDATE: Several days after I posted this story, this happened:


Well, it’s great that they reached out. But I’m not a Bell customer. At least not anymore because of Bell customer service #Fails like this one. But it’s clear that Bell is trying to make this go away. Thus if you’re a Bell customer, please let me know how they are enticing you to make this go away by hitting me up using one of these methods.

Infographic: The Dark Business Of Stolen Data

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