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Activ5: The New Smart Fitness Device Arriving At Apple Stores This Week


Activbody, Inc., a health and fitness product innovator, is excited to announce that their flagship product, the portable smart fitness device Activ5, is now available at and in select Apple Stores.

The Activ5 is unique because, with its companion training app, users are able to access and track their activity from over a hundred personalized 5-minute strength-training workouts and exercises that can be performed anywhere.

Activ5 recently announced an Apple Watch app and the adoption of HealthKit.The app includes exercise and heart rate tracking and calculates energy burned. With HealthKit, users will be able to see the data tracked on Apple Watch in the Apple Health app on iPhone.

Activ5 will be one of the few non-Apple products that customers will be able to demo at the giant retail store, which will allow millions to see how fun and effective it is to exercise with Activ5 anywhere or get an idea of what training like the Pittsburgh Steelers’ football players feels like.

The Activ5 team doing live demos at two Apple stores on Friday June 14th:


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