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The Great Canadian Road Trip II – Part 5: Lighthouses, Lighthouses, & More Lighthouses


Today was an interesting day as my wife and I decided to see something that Prince Edward Island is known for. Lighthouses. We managed to pick out three of them in the southern half of the island and see how things go from there.

The first stop on our lighthouse tour was the Point Prim lighthouse which was recommended to us by a friend as it had the best food. More on that later. It was an hour drive from Charlottetown and let me show you the lighthouse from bottom to top (Note: All pictures in the post are taken with the Nikon Coolpix P1000):

1 / 16

After a lobster roll and some chowder, we were off to our next stop which was the Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Station which was about an hour away. Here’s a look at that lighthouse from bottom to top:

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This lighthouse is best known for being the first Marconi Station to receive the first distress signal in Canada from the Titanic as it was sinking off the coast of Newfoundland. Keep in mind that when this was happening, Newfoundland was not part of Canada.

Our final stop was the Souris Lighthouse Souris Lighthouse which was hour beyond the Cape Bear Lighthouse. like the first two lighthouses, I will show you pictures from bottom to top:

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Some notes about all the lighthouses. All of them either have a fee of $5 per person, or require a donation to go to the top of the lighthouse. I would recommend going to the top as they have quite the views. Just be warned that they have very steep climbs to the top in very tight spaces. Thus you need to watch your head.

On our way back to Charlottetown we spotted this:

This is the Shanty Stay in Souris. The idea is that you get one of these small shacks which has a shower a bed and not much else for short term stays. Souris is a ferry port so you could stay here overnight and take the ferry the next day. Plus it’s close to restaurants in Souris and it has WiFi everywhere. My wife made a note of this place as I am assuming that she wants to stay here on a future vacation.

Once we were back in Charlottetown, we went out to have dinner as usual. We just missed happy hour. But we will have other opportunities for free booze. Before going to dinner, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the downtown.

There’s a fire station next to our hotel with a vintage fire truck.

The Confederation Center For The Performing Arts is a five minute walk from our hotel.

Across from that is Cows which is famous for its ice cream.

Anne Of Green Gables is everywhere on Prince Edward Island. Case in point is this chocolate shop.

Piatto Pizza was our destination for Dinner. It was insanely popular. But we got in within 15 minutes.

They hand make all their pizzas and bake them in a wood oven. And they are delicious! My wife and I highly recommend this place.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel. Here’s some random shots of the downtown at night:

Finally, here’s a shot of our hotel:

Tomorrow is a day for another bike ride. It’s also going to be a hot day so that may not be a good thing. But we will see as we came here to ride as well as sightsee. Tune in to see how things work out.




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