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The Great Canadian Road Trip II – Part 6: The Farm And Cottage Ride

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Today was a ride day. But before we went out for a ride, we did laundry. The Hotel On Pownal has laundry facilities on site complete with washing detergent. We leveraged that to clean some of our clothes so that we wouldn’t risk running out. After that, we got ready for our ride. Today’s ride was one I called the “Farm and Cottage Ride” as it started from the hotel, rode through farmland, then into cottage country before returning to the hotel. Total distance: 53.5KM. Here’s some visuals of what I mean by “Farm and Cottage” starting with the farm:


And here’s a couple of cottages:


Two things made this ride challenging. One was the heat. According to what my cyclocomputer reported, it started out being 26 degrees celsius, but got as high as 34 degrees. That’s hot and we ran through two bottles of water and electrolytes each by the end of the ride. And later at dinner my wife and I were both drinking water like were were in a desert. The second thing that was challenging was the wind. Crosswinds and deep section carbon wheels like these ones don’t mix. And the crosswinds made it sometimes difficult to control the bike as the the wind will make the front end unstable and difficult to keep straight. You can be sure that on our next ride which is by the seashore that I will be breaking out my 30mm carbon wheels that are less likely to be affected by crosswinds.

Here’s the numbers that I recorded at the end of the ride on Strava:


Strava isn’t joking when it says it was harder than my usual effort. My wife and I were both drained at the end of it. But not drained enough to walk out to dinner at the Casa Mia Cafe. It had a great mix of food which my wife took advantage of to order an Arugula Pear Salad and Grilled Scallops. I just went with fish and chips and as if to illustrate how hot it was, I only had one beer because I was drinking so much water.

Tomorrow, my wife made arrangements to go whale watching. I am hoping for some great pictures that I can share with you. Stay tuned to see how well we do.