Microsoft Contractors Are STILL Listening To Cortana Requests And Skype Calls…. WTF?

You might recall that Microsoft was one of a number of companies who were using humans to listen in on requests to their respective voice assistants. Which of course has now become a major story in the world of tech as it’s seen as a privacy invasion. Microsoft didn’t really back down from this. Though I suggested that they should.

Motherboard is now reporting that Microsoft is still doing this with Cortana requests and Skype calls. And since there’s no opt out (though you can delete existing recordings), your choices are to either live with this, or turn off Cortana (I have done so on my Windows 10 computers) and stop using Skype (I’ve cut back on using Skype but I cannot ditch it completely). Seeing as the other companies in this mess have pledged to make changes now or in the very near future, it perplexes me why Microsoft would decide that this is worth fighting for. If I were them, I’d be altering course as at the moment, they are on an island all by themselves and the optics don’t look good.

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