More Airlines Restrict Or Ban The MacBook Pro….. And One Wonders What Apple Is Doing To Address This?

It seems that more airlines are restricting the MacBook Pro in some way, shape, or form. Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways have both posted warnings on their website letting customers know that affected 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro models cannot be brought on board at all unless those models have received a replacement battery. That goes a lot further than Virgin Australia or Qantas. On top of that, United Airlines has asked passengers not to use affected models during flight.

To be frank, you can’t be surprised that this is happening as there’s no easy way for an airline to determine what year a MacBook Pro is from. Sure, there’s a online serial number check that they can use. But is an airline really going to train ground staff to do this? No. Even if they wanted to it would slow down everything from security checkpoints to boarding of aircraft. Thus restricting or banning the MacBook Pro is an easier way to go.

That’s a big problem for Apple. At the moment their flagship notebook has the reputation of a Samsung Note 7. As in it has a very bad reputation. And as the number of airlines who restrict or ban the MacBook Pro increases, the more likely this becomes a PR disaster for Apple. Not only that, why would anyone buy a MacBook Pro right now if there is all this noise going on? Sure a model bought today isn’t affected by this issue. But one is sure to get hassled at the airport simply by having one. So maybe that person will+ spring for a Lenovo or HP instead to avoid this.

Thus Apple has to do something here. At this point it’s not good enough for them to simply replace these batteries. They have to find some way to work with organizations like the European Union Aviation Safety Agency who issued warnings to airlines under their jurisdiction as well as the Federal Aviation Administration who did the same thing for US carriers to make it easy for airlines to spot affected models and not have them hassle the person who bought their MacBook Pro last week and isn’t affected by this. So far it doesn’t seem Apple is doing that. At least not in public. But they need to before this goes really sideways for them.



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