Sonos Announces Multiple Products For Your Listening Enjoyment

Today, Sonos announces Move. Move marks the beginning of a new era for Sonos—one where brilliant sound not only fills your home, but extends to every part of your day.


Move is available for $499. Pre-order starts today with global availability September 24.

  • Powerful and versatile with smart, adaptable sound, Sonos Move is the durable, battery-powered smart speaker built for indoors, outdoors, and on the go.
  • Move is the ultimate expression of Sonos’ commitment to freedom of choice – every streaming service, multiple voice assistants, WiFi or Bluetooth, connected to the Sonos system or all on its own.
  • Move features Automatic Trueplay that tunes itself to perfectly balance the sound for anywhere you listen.

A smart system that prioritizes choice, Sonos has two additional products launching this fall – Sonos Port and Sonos One SL.


Sonos One SL, a smart speaker without integrated microphones, delivering rich, room-filling sound identical to Sonos One. One SL is available for $229. Pre-order starts today with availability September 12.

Sonos_Port_2Sonos Port, the successor to the original Connect, expands the Sonos smart sound system to traditional stereos and receivers. Port is available for $499. Pre-order starts today with limited availability on and through select retailers on September 12. Full availability January 2020.


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