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Presidents Group Aims To Spark Change Among BC’s Business Community

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The Presidents Group, a network of change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces, is announcing a new initiative to improve the representation of people with disabilities in the workplace. All 25 companies, which collectively employ over 50,000 British Columbians, will begin publicly reporting the number of employees and senior leaders with disabilities within their organizations. The first public report will be posted June 2020.

The Presidents Group, which also serves as an advisory committee to the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, is marking the sixth annual proclamation of Disability Employment Month with the announcement. While group members in federally regulated industries or crown corporations already measure and report these numbers, new companies, including small businesses, will be reporting for the first time. This is particularly significant since small businesses account for 54 per cent of total employment in the province.

All information on the 25 Presidents Group companies and the number of employees with a disability will be publicly available on the organization’s website, beginning in June 2020.

About the Presidents Group

Formed in 2013, the Presidents Group is a network of 25 change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. Representing businesses of all different sizes and sectors, including crown corps, transportation, tech, and food and beverage, the Group also plays an advisory role to BC’s Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. In 2018, the Presidents Group launched an online Community of Accessible Employers to invite employers and business owners around the province to join the inclusive employment movement. The Group’s vision is to make British Columbia the province with the best employment of people with disabilities.

Google Under Antitrust Investigation By All 50 US States

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US States rarely agree on anything. But they apparently agree on an antitrust investigation of Google. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a higher number of states investigating Google versus the number investigating Facebook. Here’s the details from CNBC:

Fifty attorneys general are joining an investigation into Google over possible antitrust violations, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the initiative’s leader, announced Monday.

The news confirms reports last week about the bipartisan investigation into Google’s practices. The probe includes attorneys general from 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. California and Alabama are not involved in the probe, Paxton said at a press conference.

Other attorneys general at the media conference emphasized Google’s dominance in the ad market and use of consumer data.

“When there is no longer a free market or competition, this increases prices, even when something is marketed as free, and harms consumers,” said Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, a Republican. “Is something really free if we are increasingly giving over our privacy information? Is something really free if online ad prices go up based on one company’s control?”

This is a big problem for Google as an investigation that is this big involving this many states has to mean that it’s not if but when they find something to hang Google on. I guess  we’ll find out soon if that’s true or not.

Buggy Windows 10 Updates Presents Users With Multiple Issues…. WTF Microsoft?

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Windows 10 is a dog’s breakfast at the moment. And the best example of this is latest cumulative update that brings users a laundry list of issues. I’m specifically talking about Cumulative Update KB4512941 for Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903) which is plagued with issues related to high CPU usage and crippled search functionality.

Now reports of a new bug are filtering in, with users reporting that their screenshots all have an orange tint, no matter which method or app they use to take them. That’s right. Orange screen shots. You’d think this would be caught in QA. But as we all know, Microsoft QA isn’t what it used to be. Now the issue appears to be related to older video drivers, as updating drivers (or uninstalling KB4512941) appears to fix this problem. But a lot of people, gamers or graphic designers for example don’t want to update video drivers as there is always a chance that by doing so, it will break something and they will have difficulty rolling back. Thus simply updating the drivers may be a non-starter for some.

You have to wonder at what point will Microsoft prove that they are serious about putting out a quality product by having updates that reflect those efforts? Because the current state of play is frankly a joke where users aren’t laughing about it.