Nearly Half of Canadians Say They Have an Inner Entrepreneur: Salesforce

Ahead of Canada’s Small Business Week (Oct 21-25), Salesforce and market research firm Leger conducted an omnibus of 1,584 Canadians, asking what it would take for them to make the leap to entrepreneurship and what is holding them back.

The data reveals that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Canada, though it’s not for a lack of having a great idea that’s stopping Canadians from turning their business dreams into a reality.

  • The majority of Canadians (60%) say they would start their own business if they believed they had a great idea.
  • Nearly half (47%) believe the most important factor to help start their own business would be access to capital, yet 51% believe it is also their biggest barrier.
  • However, access to capital is not the only barrier; 1 in 3 (35%) Canadians under 55 said not knowing where to start holds them back, and 32% of women said a fear of failure is holding them back, compared to only 24% of men.

While only 13% of Canadians believe access to technology is the most important factor in transforming their business dreams into reality, the fact is, leveraging the right tech tools makes it easier for anyone, anywhere, to start, grow and scale a business. In fact, a recent report revealed Canadian companies that have significantly increased their use of technology are nearly twice as likely (25% vs. 13%) as others to say their business has grown strongly over the last three years.

A number of local experts and business leaders have joined forces with Salesforce to help educate Canadians on how to scale their small businesses at a unique event experience taking place at stackt market on October 24. It’s worth attending if you are in the Toronto area. Details can be found here.


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