Is iOS 13 The Buggiest Version Of iOS Ever?

iOS 13 since it was released on September 19th has seen a rapid rate of updates to it. More than I have ever seen for an Apple OS in the 30 or so years that I have been following Apple. I illustrated this via a Tweet last night:

This Tweet got 21 likes as I type this. But it also got this reply:

And this reply:

So, that made me ask if iOS 13 was the buggiest iOS release ever. Well, I can say that iOS 13 did not get off to the best start. It shipped the day before the new iPhones came out (more on that in a moment) and it was insanely buggy and bordering on unusable. It was the source of a lot of anger online towards Apple as a result. Promised features were pulled shortly before the release. And in an unexpected move, iOS 13.1 went into beta BEFORE iOS 13 was even out to the public. That was the big hint that iOS 13 was a train wreck next to a dumpster fire. To top it all off, Apple moved the release of iOS 13.1 up by a week. I’m assuming that they did that because of how bad iOS 13 was.

So from what I just wrote above, you can surmise that iOS 13 was rushed out the door so that Apple could ship the new iPhones. I admit that’s a cynical view of things. But there’s no other logical explanation as to why Apple would ship something that bad out the door, then quickly shipped an update less than a week later. If you accept that Apple is likely still smarting from the drop in iPhone sales over the last year, this then seems very plausible. In other words, Apple clearly made a decision that shipping new iPhones was more important than shipping a mobile operating system that worked.

Now iOS 13.1 was actually usable unlike what Apple released the week before. But it was still buggy. In my case, I noted bugs in Mail and Apple CarPlay. But there were many other bugs that users saw. Many, many other bugs. But since iOS 13.1 appeared, Apple has been releasing updates at a rapid rate. You can see from my Tweet above how quickly they have been releasing updates as some of them only days apart. And things have improved at a marginal rate. This continued all the way up to yesterday’s release of iOS 13.2 which had a ton of bug fixes in it that Apple actually admitted to. And so far in the less than 24 hours that I have had it on my iPhone, it’s the best iOS 13 release yet. Though the bar was pretty low on that front.

So I guess you could make an argument that based on the above that iOS 13 is really really buggy. And you might be right. But I do not know if you could objectively say that it is the buggiest iOS release ever as nobody outside Apple would have the data required to confirm or deny that. Now to Apple’s credit, they are fixing bugs as fast as they can. And that’s a bit of a departure for Apple as this company has been known to do the exact opposite. But having said that, Apple should never have been in the position to be throwing updates out to the public as fast has they have been. Especially seeing as this is a company that is supposedly known for having the best user experience when it comes to their products. Clearly they are still dealing with the issues that I’ve raised in the past. If they were smart, they’d take my advice as to how to fix that as the current state of play is not good to say the least.

Speaking of the current state of play, I also posted this last night:

Anyone want to place a bet on whether that happens?

3 Responses to “Is iOS 13 The Buggiest Version Of iOS Ever?”

  1. Thomas Osbach Says:

    Yes, this one’s definitely been a problematic release. Third party keyboards keep crashing all the time (even after they have been updated), cursor positioning is wonky, a million layout glitches (copy/paste menu without text in it; overlapping text in the navigation bar; overlapping text and icons in the status bar; widgets like the text selection handles cut off), network indicator not working (randomly shows airplane mode, network, etc.), spell checking cannot be turned off (it’s turned off absolutely everywhere in every possible way but words still get red underlines in Mail and all browsers and other wkwebview components), Mail not remembering filtering settings… that about sums it up…

    But then again, ALL software nowadays has become so buggy that I’m expecting a huge “nuclear software explosion” anytime now 😉

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