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Zoho’s Virtual Collaboration & Productivity Platform Now Available For Free

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Recognizing that many companies are looking for ways to ensure business continuity in light of the Coronavirus, Zoho will offer Remotely, Zoho’s virtual collaboration and productivity suite, for free to any Canadian company that needs remote work tools.


Remotely includes Cliq, Meeting, ShowTime, WorkDrive, Projects, and other apps, to create a comprehensive integrated team workspace.

Mitel & Martello Keeps Businesses Productive When Remote Working Is Required

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Martello Technologies Group Inc. announced today that it is seeing increased recognition of its technology solutions by partners tasked with ensuring reliable remote collaboration for companies impacted by COVID-19. With calls for businesses to curtail all non-essential travel, companies implementing policies that require employees to self-quarantine when appropriate, and organizations moving to virtual events, there is growing recognition that investing in a technology infrastructure that effectively supports remote work and connections with virtual teams can keep businesses productive under a range of external challenges.

VOIP Networks, Mitel’s Northeast Partner of the Year for the Americas, has many customers with distributed businesses that rely on Mitel video conferencing and communication solutions for remote real-time collaboration. When business travel is constrained, remote collaboration becomes mission-critical for its customers. By working with Martello, VOIP Networks can ensure that these collaboration solutions are operating efficiently. VOIP Networks is also using Martello’s software for remote access to customer networks to reduce travel for its own staff when addressing customer problems.

At the Channel Partners 2020 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas next week, Martello (Booth #460) will be on hand to ensure partners have the technology required to facilitate reliable remote collaboration for their customers.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Is Now Available At TELUS

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TELUS dropped me a note to let me know that the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G devices are now available in-store at TELUS starting at $0 upfront with TELUS Easy Payment, which allows customers to get any smartphone in our lineup for as little as $0 upfront, combined with new Peace of Mind rate plans that offer endless data without having to worry about overage charges.

The next generation of Galaxy is here with key features, including:

  • 108MP0 High Resolution Camera – Millions of pixels for infinitely more definition, capturing richer colours, deeper shadows and finer details.
  • 100x Space Zoom – Get closer to the action with a precise telephoto lens and 100x space zoom
  • Bright Night – Make every low light shot a highlight with low light or no light, capture pro-grade video and vivid photos without flash

Visit your local TELUS store or go to for more details.


Rogers Announces 5G Support For The Samsung S20 Lineup Which Ships Today

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Today is the day that you can get your hands on the new and uber expensive Samsung S20 lineup. And Rogers is out with a press release saying that you can do 5G on that phone today…. But as always, the devil is in the detail. So let’s look at that detail.

According to their press release, you can get 5G in downtown Vancouver, downtown Toronto, downtown Ottawa and Montreal today. Meaning if you live in the burbs or beyond the downtown core of those cities, or you live anywhere other than those cities, you’re still using 4G LTE. Having said that there are 20 more markets where 5G will make an appearance this year. And they will be using 2.5 GHz spectrum in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Future plans include using 600 MHz 5G spectrum, which is best suited to carry wireless data across long distances and through dense urban buildings. As well as 3.5 GHz spectrum and dynamic spectrum sharing, which will allow 4G spectrum to be used for 5G.

Now all of that is nice and all, but here’s the bottom line. Very few people will actually be running 5G on the S20 today in Canada. Instead, they’ll be running 4G LTE because they are outside of a 5G coverage area. Now Rogers would argue that at least they have 5G access ahead of the other guys. Namely Bell and Telus. But I think it would mean something if 5G coverage was somewhat broader. As in 5G was available in the entire city of Toronto for example. Which was the case when I tested Rogers LTE rollout many years ago. But it’s not. Thus I will simply say that I will give Rogers kudos for getting out there ahead of the other two members of the “big three”, but perhaps they should have had broader 5G coverage so that more people could experience 5G and as a result drive people to get their S20’s from Rogers as opposed to the other guys? Just a thought.

How Does Iran Deal With A COVID-19 Outbreak? Cut Off Internet Access Of Course

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COVID-19 is a really big deal these days. And when a potential pandemic is on your doorstep, it usually is a good idea to get as much information out there to stop panic from setting in. However Iran doesn’t see things like that according to Motherboard:

Moments after Iran announced that a top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader had died as a result of the coronavirus, the government blocked access to the Persian version of Wikipedia.

The restrictions remained in place for 24 hours, though an oversight by the government meant that while the desktop version of the site was blocked, the mobile version remained available.

Access to the Farsi version of Wikipedia was restored on Tuesday, but social media sites like Twitter and Facebook remain restricted inside the country as of Wednesday, as the government seeks to control the spread of information and keep a grip on the narrative around the increasingly deadly outbreak.

Charming. But this is in line with dictatorships like Iran who see cutting off Internet access in whole or in part as a great way to maintain control. Except it isn’t a great way to maintain control because:

  1. I’m writing a story on this right now which brings attention to their behavior.
  2. It’s a safe bet that people are circumventing blocks like this which means it’s ineffective.
  3. It makes the regime in Iran look like they have something to hide. Like a higher COVID-19 death toll for example.

In other words, they just illustrated the Streisand Effect. Which is if you try to hide something, all it does is bring more attention to it. Which makes their efforts a #Fail.