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Sonos Will Release Sonos S2 App & OS…. But Some Hardware Will Be Left Behind

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Sonos has posted a FAQ that details an upcoming app and OS called Sonos S2. It’s going to power their next generation of products and services. One key feature is that Sonos S2 will allow for higher-resolution audio which is beyond the CD quality audio that they currently offer. There’s other functionality that Sonos S2 will offer, but there are not a whole lot of details on that just yet. I suppose that we will hear more in June when this is supposed to ship.

Now to facilitate this, Sonos is leaving some hardware behind. Specifically:

  • Zone Players
  • CR200
  • Bridge
  • Connect (Gen 1)
  • Connect:Amp (Gen 1)
  • Play:5 (Gen 1)

The company has said that these devices will no longer receive new features as of May since they lack the necessary processing power, though they’ll still get bug fixes and security patches.

I think this is a necessary move. Sonos has to move forward and they can’t do it by having to try and support hardware that can’t do what they want it to do. So unlike their shambolic trade up program, which they eventually had to walk back, this is something that I support. I for one will be interested to see the capabilities of Sonos S2. Hopefully Sonos will share those details soon.

Trend Micro Offers Tips To Secure Devices While You Work From Home

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Across industries and geographies, companies are implementing work from home policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19, resulting in a spike in the number of teleworkers. At such times, it’s imperative for devices to be secure.

Below are best practices from Trend Micro that organizations can undertake, in order to mitigate potential risks of a cyberbreach:

  • Enable the firewall for added security in devices, or use a virtual network especially when remotely accessing assets.
  • Update the firmware of wi-fi enabled devices, routers, and other hardware as soon as updates are available.
  • Change default wi-fi network names and passwords to complex credentials to deter unauthorized access.

Also, in an effort to help reduce the security risks of computers connecting to corporate networks, Trend Micro is also offering businesses a 6-month free trial of their Maximum Security product to be installed on home computers so employees can work securely during this unfortunate crisis.

Gryphon Announces Tools To Help Parents Manage Their Kids Screen Time

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At Gryphon, it is their mission to safeguard the online experience. For those who are parents, Gryphon is providing extra support needed right now to manage screen time during school closures.

Gryphon allows parents to:

  • Filter content with crowd ranking
  • View browsing history
  • Set different daily schedules for bedtime, homework time – bedtime for weekdays and weekends can be different
  • Enforce safe search and YouTube
  • Suspend the internet
  • Set Internet time limits per day
  • Easily add reward time for doing chores
  • Block the Tiktok app
  • Access google services such as Google Drive, Google classroom, photos, docs when YouTube is blocked
  • Temporarily modify the ongoing schedule without changing the weekly planner

Screen Time Management Tips to help maintain a regular routine at home using Gryphon Guardian:

You can turn on “Homework time” to limit distracting apps like YouTube or Instagram while they do school work:

  • Go to User Settings
  • Tap Screen Time Management
  • Tap anywhere on the screen and add the Internet schedule
  • To select the apps to disable, go back to Apps Control, then select the apps to disable during Homework time.

Make sure to adjust the daily Internet time limits. In many cases your child may need more Internet time as schools start to offer online learning:

  • Go to User Settings
  • Tap Screen Time Management
  • Tap Allowed Time on the top and adjust the amount of time allowed during the day.

You create regular Internet breaks during the day by adding “Suspend” time in the schedule:

  • Go to User Settings
  • Tap Screen Time Management
  • Tap anywhere on the screen and select Suspend for the set option

At any time, you can also just click on “Suspend” on the main dashboard to pause the Internet for some quality family time together.
Gryphon Online Safety, Inc: 

Digital security and parental control solutions to safeguard the online experience. The new Gryphon® Guardian, a compact all-in-one mesh WiFi security router and parental control system, retails for $119 making online security and digital parenting accessible to all. Available directly from Gryphon Online Safety or on Amazon.

Gryphon Online Safety wants to help parents prevent their kids from being exposed to inappropriate content, and to equip them with the tools needed to promote healthy screen time as well as protect their homes’ devices from hacker intrusions and malware threats.

Smaller + More Affordable:
Gryphon Guardian weighs 6.5 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand at 4″ x 4″ x 1.5″.  It is a smaller, more affordable version of the original Gryphon with all of its features. Its estimated Internet coverage reaches over 1800 square feet, using advanced gigabit WiFi AC1200 dual band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) technology with 2×2 MU-MIMO. Gryphon Guardian comes with WPA3 security and six months of Gryphon’s Advanced Internet protection.