TELUS donates $500,000 to support global-leading research team develop antiviral treatments for COVID-19

TELUS today announced a $500,000 donation to the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC), Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and University of British Columbia (UBC) Hospital Foundation to assist in the search for therapeutic antiviral treatments for COVID-19. Led by Professor Art Cherkasov, VPC and UBC scientists have joined forces with experts around the world including collaborations with Cambridge in the UK, Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, University of North Carolina Pharma Science, and Enamine, the biggest small molecule supplier in the world, in the Ukraine. This Vancouver-led team brings together some of the best talent in the world in medicinal chemistry and virology.

Research teams around the world are seeking development of vaccines, antibodies or protease inhibitors. The VPC’s cutting-edge platforms, highly developed for precision cancer drug discovery, have been rapidly repurposed to address today’s health crisis by shaving significant time off the process of finding a cure for COVID-19. VPC, with its expertise, facilities and capabilities in cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), is poised to make a remarkable difference in the global race for an anti-protease treatment for COVID-19. Its unique AI system allowed for accelerated computerized screening of 1.3 billion chemicals to create a shortlist of 100 potential therapeutic compounds in one week, as opposed to conventional methods that could take up to three years.

Organizations interested in funding this critical research can learn more by visiting To learn more about the research visit

For the latest information about TELUS’ support during the crisis, visit


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