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Roku Is Making TV Streaming At Home A Little Easier During This Difficult Time


Because most of us are spending more time at home these days, Roku has introduced “Home Together,” an initiative with a simple goal: to help you stay informed and entertained by making it easy to find the content that matters most to you right now. 

Roku is doing this by highlighting special offers from a variety of their channel partners, such as Crave, Stingray Qello, Shudder, Insight TV, the Digital Concert Hall and Marquee TV. These channels, and others, have made more of their entertainment available to watch for free or extended their trial periods from 7 to 30 days so you can enjoy more premium entertainment for free while you spend time at home. You can read all about these offers here.

Roku has also prepared a variety of tips to help you quickly find the news and entertainment you want to watch:

Please keep an eye out for more Home Together tips, recommendations, and special offers. Roku hopes they’ll help you find the content that matters most to you as we all spend time at Home Together.

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