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Ubisoft Announces New North American League for Rainbow Six Esports

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Today Ubisoft® announced details around the new North American League for Rainbow Six® Esports scheduled to debut in late June 2020. The Rainbow Six North American League will feature two regional Divisions – the United States and Canada – as well as a revamped path-to-pro tier designed to foster the best up-and-coming teams in both territories. The US Division will feature eight pro team organizations competing in an offline league based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

For the first time in Rainbow Six Esports history, Canada will join the global competition with its own Canada Division, a league consisting of four teams competing online in lockstep with the US Division tournament schedule. To promote a robust semi-pro ecosystem for all aspirational players, Rainbow Six Esports North America will also include the Challenger League, an accessible online league consisting of eight teams per region, playing for a chance to break into the pro tier each season. 

The introduction of the US Division and Canada Division, alongside updates to the Challenger League in North America, as part of the new regionalized ecosystem, represents the biggest evolution for the competitive Rainbow Six Esports landscape in its four-year history. All three programs make-up a competitive ecosystem that is focused on the long-term health and stability of Rainbow Six Esports in the region. Additional key partnerships for the next chapter of North American Rainbow Six Esports include Acer Predator, and Corsair.

Given current health and safety concerns for our players and employees as well as following guidelines from the state of Nevada, the US Division launch date, competition for Stage 1 of the 2020 Season will take place online. As soon as the situation permits, we will assess any available opportunity to continue our offline Las Vegas program.

2020 Season – US Division Teams:

  • Spacestation Gaming
  • TSM
  • DarkZero Esports
  • Tempo Storm
  • eUnited
  • Oxygen Esports
  • Disrupt Gaming
  • Susquehanna Soniqs

For extensive details on the structure and format for US Division, Canada Division, Pro Am leagues please visit the announcement here.

To learn more about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, please visit

To learn more about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege esports programs, please visit

Amazon VP Quits “In Dismay” And Calls Company “Chickenshit” Over Firing Of Whistleblowers

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It seems that there’s blowback from Amazon’s apparent firing of employees due to their concerns over their working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic including some whistleblowers. Tim Bray who is well known for his part in creating the XML specification has quit the company “in dismay” and went public about his departure:

Tim Bray, a well known senior engineer and Vice President at Amazon has “quit in dismay” because Amazon has been “firing whistleblowers who were making noise about warehouse employees frightened of Covid-19.” In an open letter on his website, Bray, who has worked at the company for nearly six years, called Amazon “chickenshit” for firing and disparaging employees who have organized protests. He also said the firings are “designed to create a climate of fear.”

While this is going to create an optics issue for Amazon, this guy likely isn’t going to be poor, and he’s just one guy. If hundreds or thousands of people lower down on the food chain start to quit Amazon for the same reason, then Amazon may have to worry. If people at Bray’s level start to quit en-mass, then Amazon will have to worry. So while this will get the attention of many, it isn’t a watershed moment. Yet.

Recovery Plan & New Tools Announced By Salesforce

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With the Ontario government’s announcement that certain businesses can begin reopening today, and all provinces starting to take steps towards adjusting restrictions on daily life, we’ve reached a pivotal moment in the COVID-19 crisis. Business leaders must consider how they can recover from the crisis and return to work with society’s health and wellbeing top of mind. 

As local and federal guidelines continue to evolve, businesses will need new ways of planning, managing workforce readiness, facilities preparedness and emergency management response. Further, as customers have become increasingly reliant on digital services to access information, purchase items and as companies have transitioned to remote work, businesses have had to re-imagine how they operate. While the road ahead is ever-changing, the one certainty is that future business preparedness and recovery lies in the power of technology. 

To support the initial response to COVID-19, Salesforce launched Salesforce Care, a suite of free solutions designed to help businesses stabilize during the initial phase of the crisis. Canadian companies like Women’s College Hospital used this technology to quickly pivot to new business demands, as did the Provincial Government of British Columbia. Now, as COVID-19 containment improves and the economy begins to restart, a more complicated recovery phase lies ahead. 

Today Salesforce is announcing the launch of – a first-of-its-kind hub of technology solutions and insights to help businesses and communities return to work safely, and manage the complex decisions and logistics essential to navigate this recovery phase. Salesforce Back-to-Work solutions features a family of apps and modules. Here’ the highlights:

What is

  • is a digital resource hub of new technology solutions and resources to help business and community leaders to reopen safely, reskill employees and respond efficiently on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is important now?

  • Salesforce is delivering an innovative new tool to help steer companies out of this crisis.
  • The “Back-to-work” initiative will help business decision makers and community leaders to safely reopen their offices, stores and communities.

What’s on

  • brings together the full power of health experts, business leaders and the Salesforce ecosystemto help leaders safely and responsibly manage the return to the workplace, reopen communities and prepare for a new normal.
  • This includes product solutions designed for return-to-work and emergency response operations, such as:
    • Monitoring employee and visitor health and wellness
    • Helping with facilities preparedness and employee shift scheduling
    • Automating and scaling emergency response management and manual contact tracing.
  • New “Get Back to Work, Safely” resources informed by the Business Roundtable which provide access to expert insights from business, policy and health leaders to inform recovery strategies.
  • leverages guidance from and solutions built by Salesforce’s trusted ecosystem of partners includingAccenture, Deloitte, PwC and more to help businesses and communities reopen.

Pricing & Availability

  • is expected to be generally available June 2020.
  • Canadian pricing is to be confirmed at a later date (US pricing outlined in attached Press Release)

Over 400 Million Malware Infections Detected In The Last 30 Days: Atlas VPN

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Data compiled by Atlas VPN shows that in April there have been over 400 million detected malware infections, which makes over 10 million cases per day. This month, the educational field experienced the largest number of malware attacks.

In April, the number of global infections worldwide was fluctuating from 10 million to 16 million daily cases, reaching the lowest point on April 5 and the highest on April 16.

This month, the Central Asia region suffered from the largest number of local attacks, according to Kaspersky antivirus.  At least 32% of devices in Tajikistan were exposed to malware, followed by Uzbekistan, with 31%. In China, Kaspersky detected malware in nearly 27% of the devices that use their software. 

In April, Microsoft detected 6.5 million malware infections in different industries. Education was the main target – 64% of the attacks were pointed at this particular sector. With 9% of the malware infections, business and professional services was the second most-attacked industry.

The full research analyzes the rest of the malware infection numbers throughout April and lists the regions and industries that were targeted the most.

To read the full article, head to: 

May Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Rest In Peace

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Today marks a significant day in the history of Apple. By announcing the 13″ MacBook Pro this morning, The butterfly keyboard was originally intended to help make Apple’s notebooks thinner. But the design of the keyboard was insanely problematic. A single spec of dust could kill the keyboard. And in some cases I have had clients go through four or five butterfly keyboards in a short amount of time. Clearly they were unreliable. And several redesign attempts by Apple couldn’t address these issues. Plus there were numerous lawsuits filed over this keyboard design and the problems that they caused users. So the combination of those items along with the general bad press likely forced Apple to switch to the tried, tested and reliable scissor switch keyboard which Apple dubs “the magic keyboard.”

So, rest in peace butterfly keyboard. And for those of you who were holding off buying a MacBook because of the butterfly keyboard, and I am one of those people, you now have a MacBook lineup that doesn’t have the that horrible keyboard.