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OVHcloud Announces New Range Of Web Hosting Offerings In Canada

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Dedicated to its commitment to make its customers succeed wherever they are and to comply with their local regulations, OVHcloud is responding to the challenges of its North American community by introducing a new all-in-one solutions offering – from web hosting to domain names – all from its data centre in Beauharnois, Quebec. Whether they run a small website or a sophisticated ecommerce platform, Canadian businesses have the guarantee of optimizing their online presence with a high level of availability and the best price/performance ratio, OVHcloud ensuring their data is protected and managed properly.

A secure offer, a predictive price

From servers to the fiber optic network, everything is built, operated and managed by OVHcloud, maintaining the integrity of the entire chain in order to generate maximum value, ease of use and security.

Since 1999, OVHcloud has established itself in Europe, North America and Asia as the cloud alternative, perfecting an open, reversible and transparent model that places freedom of choice and data protection at the heart of its priorities. Today, the European leader in cloud solutions powers more than 3 million websites and 18 million applications in its 30 data centres around the world, with strict respect for the digital sovereignty of each of its users.

OVHcloud is enhancing its Canadian portfolio of cloud solutions by adding domain names and web hosting offers to dedicated servers, Private Cloud and Public Cloud offerings. With a diverse set of tools, OVHcloud’s offerings are easy to use and scale for a wide variety of users, ranging from small companies to large multi-faceted organizations. OVHcloud helps support professional websites, blogs, online retailers, web agencies – any project that needs the support of the cloud to launch and scale.

In Canada, OVHcloud’s range of web hosting includes three offerings: Personal, Pro, and Performance, suitable for a wide range of users and guaranteeing optimal online visibility and centralization of all services. Each of these offers can be deployed in just a few clicks from the OVHcloud control panel and allows users to stay focused on their core business, while OVHcloud takes care of all the necessary security requirements and updates. These offerings include unlimited monthly traffic, anti-DDoS protection, free domain name for the first year, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, choice of 4 CMS modules and many default features to allow users to deploy a powerful web project without any compromise.

Personal Hosting

The ideal choice to start your web project and share your passion at the best price. The Personal hosting package will satisfy casual bloggers, students or young entrepreneurs who want to create their first website. The Personal package includes:

  • 1 free domain name
  • 100 GB of disk space
  • 10 email addresses
  • Optimized for WordPress

Pro Hosting

Aimed at self-employed entrepreneurs, professional bloggers and small businesses who want to grow their digital presence without compromise. The Pro offering makes it possible to deploy a professional website capable of handling a large volume of traffic, all in a secure environment. The Pro package includes:

  • 1 free domain name
  • 250 GB of disk space
  • 50 email addresses
  • Optimized for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

Performance Hosting

Designed for the most complex or growing web activities, including multi-site or ecommerce site, the Performance package allows the easy adjustment of resources to manage the most demanding projects, on an ad hoc basis using the Boost option or permanently leveraging the four performance levels. These adjustments ensure users always have the resources guaranteed to them and help to absorb peak loads. In an all-inclusive offer (CDN, SSL, SQL), the Performance offer will ideally support the development of online stores, web agencies and developers, SMEs, SaaS publishers, resellers and corporate websites. High performance and ultra-competitive hosting include these features:

  • 1 free domain name
  • 500 GB of disk space
  • Boost Option
  • Up to 1000 email addresses
  • Optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestashop

An idea, a project, a domain name

Every web project starts with a domain name that is included* across all hosting options. With over 800 extensions available (generic, thematic, geographic), individuals, professionals and distributors can build a project in their own image. They also benefit from OVHcloud’s security expertise to safeguard their digital identity and protect against fraudulent transfers.

Additionally, their ultra-competitive price and the absence of hidden fees upon renewal makes OVHcloud domain names the ideal offer to optimize the lifespan of online projects. Advantages of OVHcloud domain names include:

  • DNSSEC: protection against cache poisoning (DNS server poisoning)
  • Easy Redirect: simplified implementation of a redirection from your domain name to a social network, for example
  • DNS zone management for greater flexibility and customization
  • Renewal without hidden fees

Beyond Canada and Europe, the web hosting and domain name offers are now also available in Latin America, from the OVHcloud’s Canadian data centre and will be available in Asia before the end of the month. This is an opportunity for OVHcloud to support its clients’ international development.

For those just starting out, OVHcloud has published a complete 5-step guide to launch their business and quickly develop their digital presence online: consult the guide.

*Free domain name offered for the first year on all hosting offers

Commvault & Microsoft Team Up To Deliver SaaS & Cloud Technology For Data Management

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Commvault today announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Microsoft that tightly integrates go-to-market, engineering, and sales of Commvault’s Metallic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data protection portfolio with Microsoft Azure – delivering ultimate scale and trusted security with simple SaaS management.

Commvault and Microsoft are bringing together two technologies – Azure and Metallic SaaS – to meet the need for proven data protection backed by powerful scale and multi-layered security. Metallic enhances protection of Microsoft Office 365 data in the case of accidental deletion, corruption, and malicious attacks. Metallic also offers a range of additional options from VMware and Microsoft SQL database backup to Endpoint protection.

This new phase of the collaboration builds on Commvault’s longstanding use of Azure capabilities including application and data migration, long-term retention, and Azure Blob Storage for its scale, durability and security. The new agreement includes plans to build a SaaS offering of Metallic Cloud Storage on Azure Blob Storage and other deep product integrations with native Azure services.

One of Metallic’s strengths is that it was built in the cloud, using the best of Azure’s native capabilities while leveraging Commvault’s market-leading enterprise technology – the same technology stack that large enterprises have entrusted to protect their mission-critical apps and data. As part of the agreement, Metallic will be a featured app for SaaS data protection inthe Azure Marketplace for public cloud and hybrid IT customers. Commvault will also continue to support choice for customers who request alternative clouds based on business requirements. Metallic™ Backup & Recovery for Office 365 is now available on the Azure Marketplace.

Rogers Announces A Move To A “100% Canadian-based Customer Service Team”

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This is one of these press releases that make you say “hmmmmm”. Specifically this press release from Canadian telco Rogers which announces the following:

Rogers Communications today announced that all of its customer service team members across all brands are now based in Canada. This follows the company’s announcement earlier this month that it is hiring for 350 jobs at its new customer solutions centre in Kelowna, B.C.

This month, Rogers Communications completed the transition of 150 remaining customer service positions to Canada, with new jobs created with partners across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. With its entire 7,000 strong customer service team now based in Canada, this milestone ensures that every phone call or online chat with Rogers, FIDO or chatr is answered by a customer solution specialist on Canadian soil.

Now I get why companies outsource their customer service to places like India, Egypt and the Philippines to name a few popular outsourcing destinations. But when things become, “sub-optimal” in the eyes of the customer, which is another way of saying that the customer experience isn’t that great, there’s often a rush to bring things back in house. That’s kind of how I read this section of this press release:

“We are a proud Canadian company and pride ourselves in quality contact centre jobs in the communities where we live and work,” said Eric Agius, Chief Customer Officer, Rogers Communications. “When our customers choose to call us for help with more complex issues, they’ll be served by our Canadian-based team members who are truly experts in our products and services – and as members of their communities, they can relate to the needs of our customers.”

I guess that their customers who were looking for help weren’t getting people who were experts in Rogers products and services, nor could they relate to the Rogers customers because they were not members of their communities. That supports my theory that things were “sub-optimal” with whomever Rogers was outsourcing to.

This is apparently part of a multi-year plan to improve the customer experience. Something that Rogers CEO Joe Natale is known for. We’ll have to see if this move truly does improve the customer experience for Rogers customers.

Force Touch Is Not Present In watchOS 7…. Here’s Why That Matters

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In places like the Apple Watch Subreddit or the other Apple Watch Subreddit people are noticing that Force Touch is gone from watchOS 7. Instead, you have to long press or there are buttons to replace the Force Touch actions that you might be used to. This is a big deal. But not for the reasons that you might think. Let me explain.

First of all, I think this means that a bigger battery is coming to the Apple Watch 6. I say that because the Force Touch layer takes up space. And if Apple ripped out the Force Touch layer, Apple can do the following:

  • Put in a bigger battery.
  • Slim down the Apple Watch
  • Both

With the addition of sleep tracking in watchOS 7, Apple will need all the battery life that they can get. Thus I think it’s pretty safe to say that a bigger battery is coming to the Apple Watch Series 6. It also silences the requests for more battery life from Apple Watch users.

The second reason that this is a big deal is that it makes the user interface more consistent with other Apple products. By that I mean that a lot of Apple Watch users had no clue that Force Touch even existed. I can’t count the number of times I showed someone Force Touch since I got my first Apple Watch. By taking that away and adding buttons and long presses in its place, its more inline with an iPhone XR, or something from the iPhone 11 series. That’s a win for Apple.

So at the end of the day, I would not lose sleep over the loss of Force Touch on the Apple Watch. Much like users of the iPhone XR or something from the iPhone 11 series, you’ll get used to it. And if you are able to get the next generation Apple Watch later this year, the trade off will likely be better battery life. I think you’ll agree with me that this is a fair trade off for the result that you will get.