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Rainbow Six Siege Canada Divison: Nordik vs. LiVid

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If you haven’t made any plans for your Friday night yet, make sure to order some food, kickback with a cold beverage and get ready for more Rainbow Six Siege Canada Division Stage 2 action!

Friday’s match will be between @NordikGG vs @LiViDGG. It’s bound to be an action packed and intense match-up. As always, you can tune into the matches every Friday at 6PM EDT/3PM PDT on

Hyundai Canada & Kia Canada Owners…. You Can Get Updates For Your Infotainment System For FREE

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Long time readers know that I have been covering Hyundai Canada’s struggles to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to their fleet of cars. They eventually did get there in terms of newly purchased cars and the ability to upgrade some of their existing cars. And they did that for free for a while. But that program ended some time ago.

Now As of this year, numerous KIA and Hyundai models in Canada have access to map updates for free. And if you don’t presently have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can get that for free as well. Here’s how you do it:

  • First, you need to have a 32GB class 10 SD card handy. If you don’t have one, they’re cheap enough to source on Amazon or on B&H Photo.
  • Next, surf to the Mapnsoft website and choose your brand.
  • If you don’t have an account create one. Otherwise log in with your account details.
  • Pick your country, model year, and model.

This will (hopefully) take you to a screen like this:

You can view the instructions in terms of updating it as well as read about the features that you can get with this update. While you can order it for $30 and have it shipped to you on an SD card (Which is way cheaper than it has been in the past). But you really want to click “download it to free” to go that route.

Now I won’t walk through the entire process to update your infotainment system as that’s very well documented. But here’s the highlights. It takes a while to do as you have to download software for your PC or Mac to download, which will in turn download the software for your infotainment system and put it on your SD card. But having done this myself, I started this at 7PM. By 7:20PM it had downloaded the update and started the process of putting out on the SD card. But by 10PM it still wasn’t done. I left it overnight and when I woke up to it having completed the process. So I don’t know how long it actually takes, but it wasn’t quick. Then you take the SD card to your car and use it to update your infotainment system. That takes about 45 minutes and you need the engine running to do it. My suggestion would be to take a drive until it is done. But this part is completely in line with other updates that I have done.

Gripes? The Mac version of this software isn’t notarized by Apple. Which means you have to hop through a few hoops to get this to run as it sets off Gatekeeper because it thinks its a virus. Mapnsoft should really fix that as those hoops won’t be able to be bypassed.

This is a very good development for Hyundai and Kia owners in Canada as those owners can keep their maps and infotainment systems up to day. If you’ve held off on updating your infotainment system, you don’t need to hold off anymore as you can update your infotainment system with your only investment being time.

Guest Post: Atlas VPN Says That Ethical Hackers Earned Nearly $45 Million From Bounties In The Last 12 Months

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According to data acquired by Atlas VPN, ethical hackers earned $44,754,742 million collectively from bug bounties in the last 12 months. 

In total, hackers reported 60,000 valid vulnerabilities. Hackers received $979 on average per single vulnerability. 

The United States remains the top payer of bounties, rewarding hackers $39,125,265 in the past year. Rewards paid by the US organizations alone account for 87% of the total amount of bounties paid.

Up next is Russia, which granted $887,236 in bounty rewards to hackers. Bonuses awarded by Russian companies make up 2% of the total bounty prizes awarded to hackers.

Organizations from the UK round out the top 3, with $559,215 paid to hackers as bounty rewards. Bounty rewards distributed by UK companies amount to a little over 1% of the total amount of bounties paid in the past 12 months.

Rachel Welch, COO of Atlas VPN, shares her thoughts on the topic:

“While bug bounty programs will not solve the cybersecurity talent shortage, organizations can still benefit significantly by outsourcing ethical hackers to identify weak spots in their security measures.”

When it comes to the hackers themselves, US hackers are leading the way. Together the US hackers earned $7,204,299, which accounts for 16% of the total amount of bounty winnings distributed over the last 12 months.

Chinese hackers come in second, commanding $5,355,683. Bounty rewards received by Chinese hackers make up nearly 12% of all bounties paid in the past year.

Chinese hackers are closely followed by Indian hackers, who netted $4,401,251 in bounty winnings. Rewards collected by Indian hackers constitute close to one-tenth of the total amount of bug bounty rewards paid from May 2019 to April 2020.

Technology companies paid the biggest share of bug bounty rewards

Companies in the computer software industry distributed the biggest share of bounty awards to hackers in the past 12 months. In total, such companies paid out $16,263,982 in bounty awards, which make up more than 36% of the total awards paid.

Next up is companies in the internet and online service industry, which distributed $16,079,195 in bounty rewards to hackers over the past 12 months. Bounty rewards paid by the organizations in the internet and online service sector also account for nearly 36% of the total bounties awarded in the past year.

Companies in the telecommunication industry occupy the third spot. Together, they distributed $2,497,042 in bounty rewards accounting for close to 6% of the total winnings from May 2019  to April 2020.

To see the full report, head to: