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TechSee Closes $30M Series C Investment Round To Accelerate Growth

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TechSee, the category leader in Intelligent Visual Assistance, today announced it has raised $30 million in a Series C equity investment round. The round was co-led by OurCrowd, Salesforce Ventures, and TELUS Ventures with participation from Scale Venture Partners and Planven Entrepreneur Ventures. 

Founded in 2015, the Tel Aviv-based company has grown rapidly by reducing customer friction points for enterprises. Its Visual Assistance technology bridges the visual gap in customer service, allowing customers and technicians to receive real-time AR guidance on their smartphone or tablet screens in assisted service or self-service mode. The company is also innovating in the field of Computer Vision AI with technology that can provide visual guidance to users installing, operating, or troubleshooting networking devices, smart home products, home appliances, and more. TechSee’s AI platform can automatically identify components, ports, cables, LED indicators, and more to detect issues and suggest resolutions for consumers, contact center agents, and field technicians. 

TechSee’s solutions have become critical during the COVID-19 pandemic as enterprises seek ways to resolve customers’ issues without jeopardizing health and safety; dispatching field service technicians or allowing them to enter people’s homes is, in many cases, no longer viable. Even when in-person visits are feasible, businesses are actively seeking ways to reduce truck rolls in favor of remote resolutions that are more cost effective and efficient. TechSee recently announced a commercial partnership withVerizon to address this issue by bringing visual assistance to customers. 

Additional commercial partnerships include Vodafone, Orange, Liberty Global, Accenture, Hitachi, and Lavazza, among others. 

TechSee addresses many of the issues that have historically plagued contact centers and field service operations. Its technology reduces customer effort, cuts costly truck rolls and product returns, improves the productivity and efficiency of support agents and technicians, and decreases call volume by enhancing self-service, in some cases saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per month while improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

The capital injection will be used to enter new markets and verticals while expanding TechSee’s product offerings and capabilities. 

TechSee’s technology was recently recognized in the Gartner Cool Vendor for CRM Customer Service and Support 2020 report. The company, which has raised $54 million in funding to date, was also named toFast Company’s list of most innovative companies of 2020, and took home TMC’s 21st Anniversary CRM Excellence Award.

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Reminder: Hellmann’s Island Is back On Animal Crossing

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Hellmann’s Halloween-themed Island on Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s opens today at 2.15PM EST! As a reminder, players can visit Hellmann’s Island and drop off their spoiled turnips. In exchange, Hellmann’s will donate real meals to Second Harvest for Canadians in need – 25,000 meals in total.

Similarly, from today, even non-gamers can give back to Second Harvest via Hellmann’s by sharing pictures of their DIY scary food waste costumes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #HellmannsIsland. Hellmann’s will then donate an additional meal, 1,000 in total, to Second Harvest in exchange for each photo.

Please see the costume lookbook here which also includes merchandise codes, food waste tips, DIY inspiration and recipes to help Canadians be more resourceful with their food this Halloween.

Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Coding For Kids

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Today Ubisoft announced that Rabbids Coding, a free game designed to introduce kids to coding, is now available to play on mobile devices. The game will also add Simplified Chinese to its list of language options, which already includes English, French and German. These updates come one year after Ubisoft launched Rabbids Coding on Uplay for Windows PC.

Rabbids Coding was developed by Ubisoft Montreal with the goal of making coding training accessible and fun for everyone. In the game, players must use basic programming commands to clean up after the mischievous Rabbids, who have invaded a space station and left a mess in their wake. Simple and intuitive, Rabbids Coding can help players as young as seven (reading skills required) learn coding basics, including sequential programming, loops and conditions. 

The game has also taken on a newfound importance during the global pandemic, as families have turned to digital solutions for home learning: since March, the number of Rabbids Coding players has increased by 150%. In July, Rabbids Coding won Best Learning Game at the 2020 Games for Change Awards.

Players can download the game for free on mobile through the App Store and Google Play, or play on Windows PC by logging in or creating a Uplay account at

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OpenText kicks Off OpenText World

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OpenText™  today kicked off the world’s largest Information Management conference, which will run for the next four days in an engaging digital format. OpenText World 2020 brings together experts from industry, the public sector and academia to rethink the nature of digital transformation and the information challenges facing business and society.

During OpenText World, attendees will have opportunities to experience and influence the future of OpenText solutions through interactive digital labs, access sessions and training with experts around the globe, and join keynote sessions from frontline technology leaders working to solve the most difficult global challenges. 

Keynote speakers on day one include Mr. Barrenechea, who will address how businesses can rethink traditional strategies and embrace new ways to work, as well as renowned Neuroscientist and Technologist, Dr. Poppy Crum, who will share insights on bridging the gap between rapidly evolving technology and more effective human interaction in a post-pandemic world. 

On October 27th, OpenText Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Muhi S. Majzoub, will introduce new OpenText products, features, and services that help organizations’ respond to today’s challenges. He will be followed that afternoon by Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President, Al Gore, who will speak to how technology shapes our world and opportunities for positive change. 

Rethink the Future of Work with OpenText Cloud

OpenText today released Cloud Edition 20.4, delivering major enhancements and totally new features across the OpenText suite of products. These include new SaaS applications and cloud services, feature enhancements based on customer feedback, connectors to leading business applications, and deeper integrations with major partners. For more details on CE 20.4 please see the press release or check out this or check out the OpenText release page.

OpenText also announced the launch of the OpenText Developer Cloud on Monday.

Deep Partnerships and Compelling Industry-Relevant Content

OpenText World is made possible with the support of the world’s leading technology and systems integration companies. They thank all of their sponsors, and especially their 2020 Innovator Sponsors Microsoft and SAP.

Review: Caseology Glass Screen Protector

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I’ve had my iPhone 12 Pro for a few days now. And even though though Apple claims that it has a “ceramic shield” that claims to make the screen four times more drop resistant, I am dubious of how scratch resistant the screen is. The iPhone 11 series for example was extremely prone to scratches on the screen despite the screen being more impact resistant. The reason for that is that as you make a screen more impact resistant, it becomes more prone to scratches. That made me seek out a tempered screen protector for it. The logic being that a tempered screen protector will protect the screen from scratches and add some additional impact resistance. To that end, I am using the Caseology Glass Screen Protector. Here’s what you get in the box:

You get two screen protectors, two cleaning wipes, a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, a sticker to remove lint and dust, and a installation tray to help you guide the screen protector in place. Caseology says that the screen protector has an oleophobic coating keeps smudges and fingerprints away and uses tempered glass for impact resistance. Installation couldn’t be easier. After cleaning the screen you put the phone in the installation tray like this:

Then you remove the back sticker from the screen protector and drop it into the installation tray:

You then use the squeegee to get rid of the bubbles which are the white spots that you see in the picture above. And that’s it. I did this when I took the iPhone out of the box and got a perfect result the first time out. By perfect I mean no bubbles and it was perfectly centered. As long as you take your time, you shouldn’t be able to screw this up. I should note that this screen protector is case friendly as it doesn’t cover the entire screen. Instead, it leaves a bit of a gap around the edge so that a case can be used without popping off the screen protector. Given that this screen protector is $14.99 USD, and you get two screen protectors as part of the deal, this is a must get so that you can protect the screen of your brand new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro.