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Reminder: Hellmann’s Island Is back On Animal Crossing


Hellmann’s Halloween-themed Island on Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s opens today at 2.15PM EST! As a reminder, players can visit Hellmann’s Island and drop off their spoiled turnips. In exchange, Hellmann’s will donate real meals to Second Harvest for Canadians in need – 25,000 meals in total.

Similarly, from today, even non-gamers can give back to Second Harvest via Hellmann’s by sharing pictures of their DIY scary food waste costumes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #HellmannsIsland. Hellmann’s will then donate an additional meal, 1,000 in total, to Second Harvest in exchange for each photo.

Please see the costume lookbook here which also includes merchandise codes, food waste tips, DIY inspiration and recipes to help Canadians be more resourceful with their food this Halloween.

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