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Zoho Announces Partnership With Tata Consultancy Services

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Today, global technology company Zoho announced a strategic alliance with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to provide superior Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management and e-Commerce solutions to solve problems for large businesses. This alliance partnership brings together the breadth and depth of Zoho’s product portfolio with TCS’ decades-long experience and domain expertise in technology-led consulting and business integration services. Together, Zoho and TCS will drive growth for global organizations through stronger technology alignment with business goals, more transparency across solutions, and greater operational efficiency.

TCS is a trusted consultant and integrator for enterprise businesses, with a vast network of diverse clients. TCS helps clients improve their customer experience through its capabilities in CX strategy, design, customer insights, marketing, sales and service transformation. Combining Zoho’s unified data model and TCS’s technical and industry expertise, organizations will benefit from faster, more seamless, and innovative capabilities to enhance customer experiences. Zoho’s portfolio of more than 45 applications is built on one technology stack so that services including AI, unified search, powerful analytics, and many others are inherited across all applications, providing businesses unparalleled value while solving complex integration challenges.

As an entry point, organizations can implement Zoho’s seamless and centralized customer experience platform, CRM Plus, which unifies all customer-facing teams on a single interface and provides end-to-end, real-time, and contextual intelligence. The platform sets a new standard for omni-channel customer engagement, sentiment collection and analysis, and prescriptive actions by leveraging Zoho’s powerful analytics and AI engines.

Zoho, in alliance with TCS, will allow global enterprise organizations to realize new revenue opportunities, gain operational efficiency, and drive business success from anywhere, whether remote, in-office, or both.

ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Now Being Used By The Toronto District School Board

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Serving families in Canada’s largest metropolitan community where parents expect the best tools for managing COVID-19 will be used, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) knew it needed to use technology to help students return to school safely.

Having already implemented ServiceNow’s ITSM capabilities back in 2017, the TDSB turned to ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace app suite to manage a safe return to school – making it the only school district in Ontario to use public-facing apps to manage its response to COVID-19.

  • The Readiness Surveys app gathered real-time data on student preparedness to return to school, revealing that 27 per cent required accommodations to begin their studies – more than double what they had anticipated. 
  • By working with Toronto Public Health, the TDSB was able to optimize ServiceNow’s Health Screening app to meet provincial requirements and streamline the process for ensuring students and their families complete the necessary health checks before returning to school on a daily basis.
  • Intelligent chat features enabled parents to reach out with questions, and this information was connected to the ServiceNow platform so it could be routed to service desk agents when necessary.
  • Leveraging the power of ServiceNow’s Now Platform, all data collected by these apps are organized into a single view in the Safe Workplace Dashboard. This enables the TDSB to communicate with students and parents quickly and easily, while helping school staff to manage the logistics of ensuring students are safe while learning on site and at home.

Today, all of the TDSB’s 500+ schools are open and more than 50,000 students and families are using the apps every day.

TELUS Launches TELUS Agriculture

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Today, TELUS announced the launch of TELUS Agriculture, a new business unit dedicated to providing innovative solutions to support the agriculture industry with connected technology. TELUS Agriculture optimizes the food value chain by leveraging data in new ways to increase efficiency, production, and yields, delivering better food outcomes for businesses and the end consumer. Connecting each piece of the agriculture value chain empowers farmers and ranchers, the agri-business industry, and agri-food, consumer goods and retail companies to leverage advanced data systems and artificial intelligence to streamline operations, improve food traceability, and provide consumers with fresher and healthier food. TELUS Agriculture currently supports more than 100 million acres of agricultural land, backed by a team of more than 1,200 experts across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Armenia, Germany, China, and Australia.

Over the course of the last year, TELUS has completed several key acquisitions, assembling a suite of assets that is unmatched in the agriculture industry. Together under TELUS Agriculture, our team now has the expertise, experience, and relationships to connect every participant in the agriculture value chain, from seed manufacturers and farmers through to grocery stores and restaurants.

In addition, today, TELUS Agriculture is proud to announce our most recent cornerstone acquisitions, global sales and distribution solutions powerhouse AFS Technologies and SaaS farm management platform Agrian. Tampa, Florida-based AFS Technologies is a global leader in delivering value to the consumer goods industry with purpose-built integrated business planning, trade promotion management, and supply-chain management technology that drives efficiency, improves agility, and increases profitability. Fresno, California-based Agrian combines the industry’s deepest label resource with a holistic platform that manages precision agriculture, agronomy, sustainability, analytics, and compliance with striking ease and effectiveness. With the addition of AFS and Agrian, TELUS Agriculture is now a global leader with customers in more than 50 countries.

By bringing together innovative, market-leading companies at each stage of the value chain, TELUS Agriculture has built incredible scale and scope in the industry to be uniquely positioned to transform collaboration across the global agriculture industry as an independent player. This includes a billion acres of historical acre data and 170 million acres of real-time data across the most diverse crop markets in the world that can be leveraged to build industry leading AI and machine learning-based insights. At launch, the companies acquired include:


  • AFS Technologies – Florida, USA – Comprised of AFS, Exceedra and Ignition, a global leader in supply chain management, and sales and distribution
  • AGIntegrated – Pennsylvania, USA – Seamless API integration
  • Agrian – California, USA – Unified management platform for precision, agronomy, sustainability, analytics, and compliance
  • Decisive Farming – Alberta, Canada – Precision agronomy and farm management expertise
  • Farm At Hand – British Columbia, Canada – Simplified farm management software
  • Muddy Boots – Ross-on-Wye, United Kingdom – Farm-to-food traceability and supply chain management
  • TKXS – North Carolina, USA – Custom data and program management
  • Feedlot Health Management Solutions* – Alberta, Canada – Critical insights and data-based knowledge


  • Hummingbird – London, United Kingdom – Advanced imagery analytics

For full details about TELUS Agriculture, please visit

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Presses Start With Quest to Conquer Cancer Fundraising Initiative

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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has kicked-off its new fundraising initiative, Quest to Conquer Cancer, to unite video game streamers, spectators and supporters all over the world to fundraise for cancer research through live gaming broadcasts. Quest will culminate in a week-long fundraising finale — Quest Together, Conquer Together — which will start on December 5 and run through to December 12.

All money raised through Quest to Conquer Cancer directly supports more than 1,300 researchers and scientists as they continue to push boundaries and set global standards in cancer care. This means earlier detection, advanced research, improved diagnostics to better understand the individual nature of each cancer and targeted treatments, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for cancer patients worldwide.

Quest has no fundraising minimum and features game challenges, prize drops and a unique reward system for reaching fundraising milestones. All donations to streamers or through the Quest to Conquer Cancer website go directly to fund cancer research at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. This inaugural year’s goal is to raise $1 million.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is partnering with gaming leaders and brands, including Stonemountain64, Nick Eh 30 and Digital Extremes, to create unique gaming experiences throughout the Quest campaign. These events will act as touch points to bring the community together and celebrate supporters. Quest has already attracted the attention of esports organizations around the world, such as Chaos EC, Electrify Esports and BOOM Esports.

In December, Quest Together, Conquer Together will bring content creators, esports organizations and game publishers together for a weeklong charity marathon stream and celebration. To unite participants from across the globe, Quest fundraisers will be encouraged to host their fundraising finale using the hashtag #QuestTogether.

To learn more about this initiative or join as a Quest fundraiser, visit

Guest Post: ESET Has Tips On How To Protect your online security this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday create one of the biggest shopping weekends in Canada, but holiday shopping is going to look a bit different this year.

As Canadians from coast to coast continue to battle the ongoing pandemic, many are choosing to snag all the best deals from the comfort of their living rooms by shopping online.

But while staying home and shopping online will help limit the spread of COVID-19, it may make shoppers vulnerable to more risks if they don’t know the ins and outs of cybersecurity and how to protect themselves from online holiday scams.

That’s why cybersecurity firm ESET has put together the following tips to keep in mind when shopping online.

Keep it Familiar — There‘s an endless number of websites and ads out there in cyberspace wanting to sell you things. Never click on a pop-up ad or email, instead go directly to the weblink to see if the deals are real.

Read Reviews – It might sound strange, but if an item or site only has good reviews be wary. A legit retailer always has one or two bad reviews (which may or may not be justified). When only glowing reviews are available, they are likely fake.

Use third party payment options – Never pay for an online purchase with your debit card. Your debit card is directly linked to your bank account and often has no credit limit. If possible, try to use PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay when making those holiday purchases since they are not linked to any of your personal information.

Check out as Guest – Whenever possible, do not create an account with an online retailer. Instead check out as a guest. This saves you from sharing your data footprint with them. If they end up having a data breach, your data will not be available to be stolen.

Don’t store payment details – Don’t prioritize convenience over safety. If you use a retailer often, you may be tempted to save your credit card number for ease. But remember many major retailers have suffered data breaches in the past and there is no way to ensure that you will not become a victim. Another useful tip is to use a virtual credit card instead of your real one. The virtual credit card gives you a number that is tied to your credit card for short-term use and provides another layer of security.

If you have previously allowed a retailer to store your credit card number and you no longer want them to do so, you should contact them and ask for your card details to be deleted.

To add an extra layer of security, make sure to invest in antivirus software like ESET’s Internet Securitywhich is ideal for modern users concerned about their privacy, who actively use internet for shopping, banking, work and communication.

For more security tips, please visit