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Home Hardware Pwned By Ransomware


Home Hardware, one of the Canada’s biggest privately held dealer-owned hardware retailers, has acknowledged it was hit by a ransomware attack.   

With continued restrictions around in-store shopping, many retailers across Canada made the necessary shifts to take their operations online without considering the potential impact threat actors could have on retail systems and consumer transactions.

David Masson, Director of Enterprise Security for Darktrace had this to say:

The attack against Home Hardware this weekend is the latest two-pronged ransomware attack that has come to light in Canada. Beginning in late 2019, ransomware attackers began stealing data and threatening to expose it on the web. This instance of data theft shows that the attackers had been on the network – undetected – for some time, able to move laterally and search for sensitive data. With current pandemic restrictions, Canadian retailers continue to scale online. This attack demonstrates how even well-resourced organizations can no longer rely on perimeter-based tools to prevent threats. Many Canadian organizations need to lean on self-learning AI to be able to detect even the most subtle indicators of threat and adapt to changing environments.

While Home Hardware has reportedly been able to maintain full business continuity, other Canadian retailers should see this as a warning of the potential risks that can occur. Hackers have the means to disrupt online operations, no matter the size of the company.  

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