Rogers Will Credit Customer’s For Yesterday’s Epic Outage…. For What It’s Worth

Rogers who is likely still smarting from the epic outage that pretty much inconvenienced their users who are likely working from home in the middle of a global pandemic decided throw their users a bit of a bone. Rogers has again apologized and is now saying they will be giving customers wireless bill credits for the outage.

I suppose that this is a good thing. But for the average user, that may only be about $5 at most. Rogers won’t even notice this credit in their quarterly financials. But they’re really doing this for optics reasons. After all, they’re trying to buy Shaw and the blowback from that has been epic. Thus they really need to make this #Fail go away as quickly as possible. All I have to say is good luck with that as I am pretty certain that Rogers customers aren’t going to forget this any time soon and may make a change in terms of whom their telco of choice is.

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