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A Netflix Scam Is Making The Rounds

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Another day, another scam. This time it’s someone going after Netflix customers trying to steal their payment details. Here’s how it works. It starts with an email that looks like this:

Looks official right? It’s not. If you look at the reply to address, it’s not from Thus that’s your first tip that this isn’t legit. But if you want more proof, how about this?:

The email address it came from is the same as the reply to address. Further validating that this is a scam.

At this point if you get one of these emails, you should just toss it in the trash and move on with your life. But in the interest of finding out what these low life scumbags are up to, I decided to play along. This is what I got:

Wow… This looks totally legit…. All you need to do here is enter your credit card details and you’re good to go. And it never asked you for your username or password first. It’s a very low tech scam if I may say so. The first hint that this is a scam is the fact that the website isn’t as indicated by the circled area. Though they do use SSL security as evidenced by the padlock on the left of the circled area, because even scumbag scammers can’t be too careful. In fact the website address is the biggest hint. Clearly the scumbags behind this didn’t put a whole lot of effort into this. But then they don’t have to. If only 1% fall for it, then it is worth their while.

Bottom line: If you get one of these emails, delete them.

Uber Announces Uber Pass & Uber Pet Availability In Canada

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Uber announced that is making it even easier to go anywhere, and get anything: 

  • Uber Pass launches this week: This week Uber is launching Uber Pass in Canada. Uber Pass replaces the Eats Pass to include both delivery and ride benefits. Uber Pass costs $9.99 per month plus applicable taxes and offers the following benefits:
    • $0 Delivery Fee on eligible restaurant orders over $15
    • $0 Delivery Fee on grocery orders over $40
    • 5% off eligible restaurant orders over $15
    • Rides Perks: exclusive monthly benefits for members like monthly discounts on rides
  • Uber Pet is Live: Folks who’ve spent a lot of time with the pets of their household this year can now take trips together with their furry friends. Uber Pet has rolled out to a handful of cities across Canada. (Note: Riders with service animals are able to choose and use any ride at no additional cost as per their  Service Animal Policy)
  • Coming this month – UberX Reserve: UberX Reserve will take scheduled rides to the next level and allow riders to plan and confirm their trip with UberX up to 30 days in advance, with an on-time guarantee. This will roll out to select cities later this month. 

It’s also never been a better time to drive with Uber. While trips have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, Uber data suggests that as cities across Canada start to slowly re-open, Canadians are feeling more comfortable to safely re-engage with local economies. Uber data from early June shows that earnings across Canada for ridesharing were 57% higher than the same week in January. To meet this demand, Uber is looking for 30,000+ drivers to sign up across the country and get cities moving again.

Beanfield & Cisco Partner To Launch All-in-one Virtual Collab Tool

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Beanfield Metroconnect has partnered with Cisco to launch their best-in-class complete collaboration experience – Hosted Voice with Webex

The new cloud-based all-in-one collaboration experience seamlessly delivers Beanfield’s BroadWorks calling solution with Webex’s advanced messaging and meeting capabilities, all within a single feature-rich app. Hosted Voice with Webex is the next chapter in Beanfield’s commitment to continue delivering modernized technologies to customers across Canada.

Toronto and Montreal based SMB’s can choose from flexible packages that range from basic softphone to premium meetings, allowing for up to 1000 participants in a single meeting. The possibilities are endless with HD video, voice, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and conferencing in one easy-to-use and secure application that can integrate with the other tools you use to simplify your life.

Beanfield helps SMBs keep work moving forward with cloud calling, advanced messaging and meetings capabilities within a single app. Users will continue to enjoy features like direct and team chats, screensharing, emojis and GIPHYS, one-click, easy-to-join meetings, and simple file sharing. As a bonus, customers can enjoy access to integrations available for third- party applications such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and more.

The feature-rich Hosted Voice with Webex offers flexible packages that provide best-in-class collaboration for you and your team.

  • No capacity planning or additional lines required – simply add new users as you add employees.
  • Simple migration to Beanfield regardless of how your current provider and/or phone system is currently configured, and you get to keep your number.
  • No on-premise PBX to maintain, upgrade, or be a single point failure.
  • No need for multiple applications – get cloud calling, messaging, and meetings in one app.
  • Take your team with you, anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • Partnered with Cisco, we provide a geo-redundant, carrier class Broadworks platform, along with Webex’s cloud collaboration infrastructure.
  • Delivered to your premise over dedicated fibre facilities at no extra cost – something no other VoIP provider can offer.

The time for unified communications is now. Gone are the days where teams are siloed, and employees need to juggle multiple apps across multiple devices to communicate. Now companies can empower their internal teams to stay connected as they call, message, meet, and collaborate from any device, anywhere.

Check Beanfield Metroconnect’s website to learn more. For any questions or to receive a demo, email

Audacity Audio Editor Becomes “Spyware”

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I have used a piece of software called Audacity to edit audio files over the years. But not anyone. I say that because anyone deciding to download the free and open-source audio editor is being warned that the software may now be classified as spyware due to recent updates to its privacy policy:

Audacity has been around for over 21 years and classes as the world’s most popular audio editing software. On April 30, the Muse Group acquired Audacity with the promise that the software would “remain forever free and open source.” However, as FOSS Post reports, last week the Audacity privacy policy page was updated and introduced a number of personal data collection clauses. The data collected includes OS version and name, user country based on IP address, the CPU being used, data related to Audacity error codes and crash reports, and finally “Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities’ requests (if any).” The personal data collected can be shared with Muse Group employees, auditors, advisors, legal representatives and “similar agents,” potential company buyers, and “any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court or other third party where we believe disclosure is necessary (i) as a matter of applicable law or regulation, or (ii) to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights.”

This is the textbook definition of spyware. If you have an older version, as in version 2.x, I’d hang on to it. i say that because the product has been forked to take out the spyware bits, seeing as it is open source. But there is a risk that some of the forks will be malware. And that will create a new problem.

A similar thing happened when encryption product called TrueCrypt died. Multiple forks emerged as well as the last known good version of TC. In the end Veracrypt became the preferred, trusted replacement but it took a while and in the meantime there was a lot of uncertainty that was created. I expect something similar to happen here.