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Infosec Integrates with Microsoft Viva

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Infosec, a leading cybersecurity education company, today announced their integration with the recently launched Microsoft Viva Learning platform, bringing cybersecurity training to Microsoft’s millions of learners worldwide. Infosec is Microsoft Viva Learning’s first cybersecurity education partner dedicated to cybersecurity education, including technical cyber skills training.

Studies have shown investing in training increases employee engagement and retention, but lack of time, scheduling conflicts and distance constraints often deter learners from taking advantage of professional development resources.[1] To help overcome these challenges and foster a culture of learning, Microsoft Viva has integrated learning content from 15 partners into Microsoft Teams, providing seamless, personalized training experiences for employees.

Using Teams, cybersecurity professionals can now learn in-demand skills like pentesting, incident response, industrial control system security, security leadership and more with direct access to 1,200+ Infosec Skills hands-on labs, courses and projects. The integration includes the newly released Infosec Skills cyber range, where cyber professionals can learn to defend against MITRE ATT&CK® Framework tactics and techniques, perform penetration tests and write secure code hands-on. Labs inside the cyber ranges guide learners through realistic scenarios inside the operating environments they’d encounter on the job — with clear learning objectives and actionable lessons.

Infosec’s technical skill development platform, Infosec Skills, includes over 1,200 resources to assess teams and close skills gaps with hands-on cyber ranges, projects and courses mapped to the NICE Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity and the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework.

Learn how to access Infosec Skills content on Microsoft Teams here.

Commvault Partners With SoftwareONE As First Global Design Partner For Metallic MSP Offerings

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Commvault today announced the launch of a new partnership with SoftwareONE, a leading provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions. SoftwareONE is Metallic’s first Managed Service Provider (MSP) global design partner for delivering Metallic-based SaaS data protection solutions in the form of BackupSimple powered by Metallic. BackupSimple is SoftwareONE’s cloud-based managed service offering to deliver critical data backup and recovery capabilities for companies of all sizes. Built on Metallic solutions and delivered by SoftwareONE, BackupSimple protects and manages data from SaaS applications to endpoints to hybrid cloud workloads.

As the market continues to move quickly to the cloud, BackupSimple powered by Metallic provides an easy entry point for service providers like SoftwareONE to deliver industry-leading data management capabilities, enabled by the simplicity of a SaaS model. SoftwareONE enjoys simplified management, with reduced infrastructure, quick customer onboarding, and fast time to value for its customers. Leveraging a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, with remote management and rapid tenant onboarding through a seamless, targeted program and APIs. MSP partners can also seamlessly offer Metallic capabilities, including breadth of coverage for SaaS applications, endpoints, hybrid cloud datacenter workloads, and unique Metallic SaaS Plus storage flexibility – eliminating the need for disparate point solutions and siloed data.

Metallic worked with the SoftwareONE Managed Services team to define a model that allows MSPs to choose the type of engagement model that best works best for them – whether that is utilizing the combined power of the new Metallic MSP portal and Metallic operational portal, the Metallic Hub, to handle all end-user management needs, or creating a custom interface that offers Metallic solutions via an API.

Together SoftwareONE and Metallic are leveraging Metallic MSP services to disrupt the data management market for the benefit of customers. To learn more about SoftwareONE and BackupSimple, join their upcoming webinar where SoftwareONE and Commvault experts will explain the threat to SMBs from ransomware and other data loss situations that can have a catastrophic impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Exclusive Networks Appoints Brian Vincik As VP North America

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Exclusive Networks, a global trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure, today announced it has appointed Brian Vincik as VP North America. Vincik brings over 40 years’ channel leadership experience to the role, including as the principal architect of Securematics’ long-term growth and tireless champion for channel enablement in the distribution industry. In his role, Brian assumes responsibility for all Exclusive Networks operations in the United States and Canada, and is tasked with delivering ambitious vendor acquisition and partner enablement strategies as befits one of the most important regions in Exclusive Networks’ global organization.

Brian Vincik has been a permanent fixture of the US channel landscape for four decades, having formerly been General Manager of Securematics where he took the Carlsbad, CA-based VAD on an impressive growth journey, and prior to that was at Hewlett-Packard where he headed up pre-sales consulting and helped grow the services business. Having joined Exclusive Networks earlier this year to lead the unit responsible for recruiting incremental vendor partners in the region and onboard new and lasting VAR relationships, Vincik now has executive responsibility for North America.

Exclusive Networks is a global trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure helping to drive the transition to a totally trusted digital future for all people and organizations.

Their distinctive approach to distribution gives partners more opportunity and more customer relevance. Exclusive Networks specialism is their strength – equipping them to capitalize on rapidly evolving technologies and transformative business models.

The Exclusive Networks story is a global one with a services-first ideology at its core, harnessing innovation and disruption to deliver partner value. With offices in 40 countries and the ability to service customers in over 150 countries across five continents, Exclusive Networks has a unique ‘local sale, global scale’ model, combining the extreme focus and value of local independents with the scale and service delivery of a single worldwide distribution powerhouse. More at

Guest Post: 42% Of UAE Companies Close Down After Falling Victim To Ransomware Says Atlas VPN

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Data presented by the Atlas VPN research team reveals that 42% of businesses in the UAE are forced to close down as a consequence of falling victim to ransomware attacks.

The vast majority of firms have experienced substantial business impact due to ransomware attacks, including revenue loss and brand harm, unforeseen personnel cutbacks, and even the shutdown of the business altogether, according to key findings in this new report.

The insights stem from a survey carried out by Cybereason. They surveyed 1,263 cybersecurity professionals in April of 2021. The participants were from the United States (24%), United Kingdom (24%), Spain (12%), Germany(12%), France (12%), United Arab Emirates (8%), and Singapore (8%).

Shockingly, as many as 42% of organizations in the United Arab Emirates were forced to close down after a ransomware intrusion.  

Following them is the United Kingdom, where 34% of surveyed professionals stated that their company halted their activities due to damages from the ransomware attack.  

The United States is in third place, as 31% of companies attacked reported closure after the incident. 

Businesses in France (22%), Germany (21%), and Singapore (21%) saw similar closure rates. Finally, only 5% of organizations in Spain had to close down because of the attack

Edward Garb, a cybersecurity researcher and writer at Atlas VPN, shares his thoughts on the situation

“The findings are shocking and of huge concern. Most executives and employees are not aware of the fact that one attack could mean not only layoffs but a total demise of the organization.”

Employee and staff layoffs

Even though the majority of ransomware attacks do not result in business closure, a significant portion of companies are forced to eliminate some jobs. Interestingly, layoffs strongly depend on the industry.

For example, 50% of enterprises in the legal sector lay off employees after a ransomware attack. A close second is the retail industry, where 48% of ransomware victims had to let go of some workers.

Quite unexpectedly, respondents that work in the government sector never encountered a situation where a person or a group of employees was fired because of a ransomware attack.

To read the full article, head over to:

New WORX Landroid Robotic Mowers Aimed At Busy Homeowners Who Value Their Time Off

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It’s 2021 and time to think outside the box when it comes to mowing the lawn. New WORX Landroid robotic mowers enable homeowners to maximize their free time by turning mowing chores over to robotics  that get the job done quietly and efficiently without supervision.

Skip the lawn care service and invest instead in a maintenance-free, environmentally friendly robotic mower. Whether the lawn is 1/8 acre (5,445 sq. ft.), ¼ acre, (typical suburban lot size) or ½ acre, there’s a Landroid designed to make the job easier.

Three new WORX Landroid robotic mowers include for mowing 1/8 acre (WR165), Landroid M (WR147) for ¼ acre lawns and Landroid L (WR155) for lots up to ½ acre. These smart, streamlined machines are programmable to cut lawns in any day or time combination for an entire season using Landroid’s smart phone app, or directly through the mower’s LCD screen interface. 

The new robotic mowers feature a floating blade system that automatically adjusts its cutting clearance height if it encounters an obstruction in its path, such as a rock, stick or other object. The floating blade system provides continuous cutting action as it navigates the lawn. Each Landroid mower also features a waterproof base, allowing homeowner to rinse off its underside with a garden nose to remove grass, dirt or debris buildup. Also, new this season is the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi to ensure a seamless set up and connection process through Landroid’s app.

With the Landroid, you don’t have to be home to mow the lawn. From the grocery store, to attending an arts and crafts fair, in your favorite coffee shop, or in a remote location, communication with Landroid is easily managed through its smart phone app. 

The WORX Landroids have brushless motors and are powered by the WORX 20V Power Share battery. The (WR165) uses the 20V 2.0Ah battery; Landroid M (WR147) incorporates the 20V 4.0Ah battery, while Landroid L (WR155) is powered by the 20V, 6.0Ah battery. Charging time for the WORX 20V, 2.0AH and 4.0Ah batteries is 75 minutes, while the 20V, 6.0Ah battery is 115 minutes. The Max lithium-ion batteries are compatible more than 35 WORX lawn and garden and DIY tools and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience.  

Landroid M and Landroid L have four wheels for traction and maneuverability. The Landroids also feature a dial with six position height adjustment from 1.5 to 3.6 in. androids also feature “Cut to Edge,” which offsets micro cutting blades on the side to minimize the need for follow-up trimming. 

Unlike conventional lawnmowers, Landroids don’t use a grass catcher. The tiny clippings mulch back into the lawn acting like fertilizer for a vibrant, healthy lawn. And when it’s time to recharge its batteries, Landroid automatically returns to its charging station to recharge. Once fully charged, it continues mowing where it left off. Landroids even know when it’s time to come in from the rain. Landroid even knows when it’s raining. With a built-in weather sensor, the robotic mower will return home or delay mowing to avoid damaging the lawn by mowing wet grass. 

The Landroid’s patented AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) technology gives the Landroid problem-solving capabilities that allow it to cut the lawn more efficiently and to better navigate through narrow passageways compared to other robotic mowers. It can navigate up slopes and inclines of 20° (35 percent).

No two lawns are exactly alike, so homeowners can customize Landroid with optional plug in module accessories to expand its capabilities, such as an the Anti-Collision System (ACS, WA0860, $259.99), which enables Landroid to sense and avoid obstructions in the yard; GPS tracking/cellular connectivity through “Find My Landroid”(WA0866, $299.99).The “Radio Link” module (WA0867, $199.99) extends Wi-Fi connectivity an additional 500 yards. It presents a stronger signal when there are interference areas in the yard such as trees, shed, garage or gazebo.  A Landroid Garage (WA0810, $159.99) is also available to keep the Landroid out of the elements. This structure is much like a car port, serving as a barrier to keep out rain and a hot sun.

Landroid is immediately ready after installation with preprogramed settings. Users have the option to customize those settings via the Landroid app. The Landroid app has a variety of functions that let homeowners program, monitor and troubleshoot the mower. A newer feature is the lawn size calculator. By walking the lawn’s perimeter with the Landroid app, it automatically calculates the size of the yard and configures a working schedule for the mower. Updates to the Landlord’s firmware can be uploaded automatically via Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

Other key features include multi-zone programming, which allows users to set up separate lawn-cutting zones, such as front and back yards, tiered locations and berms. Also, homeowners can set up a four digit pin number to lock the Landroid for security purposes. . In the event the mower is stolen, only the correct pin number will enable the mower to re-start. 

Built-in safety sensors stop the Landroid blades when it’s lifted or tipped. The sensors will ensure Landroid turns off or turns around when it encounters a person, pet or object. 

In addition to the Landroid mower, one 20V batteries and charger, lawn screws, boundary wire, stakes, hex key, two measurement gauges, two wire connectors and nine replacement blades and eight lawn screws are included for securing the charging station. The Landroid mowers are covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty.

The WORX Landroid 1/8 acre model (WR165, $949.99); WORX Landroid M (WR147, $1,099.99) and WORX Landroid L (WR155, $1,399.99) are available at and Amazon.