Major Websites Are Down Due To Akamai Outage

If there’s a website that you’re going to, and you can’t see anything, chances are it’s not you. Websites such as, Apple, HBO Max, UPS, Steam, PlayStation Network, LastPass, The Home Depot, Costco, American Express, are affected. Some of these outages are regional, so not all users will see all affected sites impacted.

The root cause is an outage with Akami. Or more specially, an Akamai DNS server malfunction. When a DNS server goes down, you can’t get from point A, to point B from your web browser. The word on the streets is that Akamai has implemented a fix and service should return to normal shortly.

Now if any of this seems familiar, it is kind of similar to the Fastly outage from a few weeks ago. Which brings into question the level of resiliency that content delivery networks like these have. That’s a question I would love to see an answer to.

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