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Zoom To Pay Up To Make A Lawsuit Go Away


Zoom will have to cut a rather big cheque to the tune of $85 million to make a lawsuit related to lying about offering end-to-end encryption on its services, as well as providing user data to Facebook and Google without permission. Here’s the details:

Zoom has agreed to pay $85 million to settle claims that it lied about offering end-to-end encryption and gave user data to Facebook and Google without the consent of users. The settlement between Zoom and the filers of a class-action lawsuit also covers security problems that led to rampant “Zoombombings.”

The proposed settlement would generally give Zoom users $15 or $25 each and was filed Saturday at US District Court for the Northern District of California. It came nine months after Zoom agreed to security improvements and a “prohibition on privacy and security misrepresentations” in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, but the FTC settlement didn’t include compensation for users.

I should note that Zoom has addressed a lot of these issues. And Zoom is making craploads of money. So does this really punish Zoom for their behavior? I don’t think so.

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