SAP Canada Partners With Social Shifters To Support Young Social Entrepreneurs

According to a 2021 study funded by SAP and conducted by an alliance of 16 youth social innovation networks around the world, young people are more motivated than ever by the intrinsic desire to improve the lives of others, both locally and globally. This is especially true now as the pandemic has brought issues such as climate change and social inequality even further into the spotlight, while at the same time giving Millennials and Gen Z hope for a better future.  

In order to improve financial security, work-life balance, mental health, and individual growth for young entrepreneurs, SAP is teaming up with Social Shifters, a non-profit global network of next generation leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, to provide funding and mentorship to young people with world-changing ideas through the Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge.  

Five regional winners and one global winner were revealed last week at this year’s SEWF Youth Forum. With support from SAP and the Global Innovation Challenge award, Europe and Central Asia award winner, Yaldi, will be bringing to market Wholesome, a pioneering video game that will create meaningful screen time and inspire players to go outside, feel connected to nature, and be happier.  Through this partnership with Social Shifters, SAP is becoming a tech industry leader in providing mentorship, tools and resources for youth to excel with entrepreneurship, and lift them out of the challenges presented by the global pandemic.  

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