Acer Has Been Pwned Again…. And This Time Customer Data Has Been Stolen

Back in March the news surfaced that computer maker got pwned by hackers in the form of a ransomware attack. Fast forward to today and it has happened again. This time hackers have made off with more than 60 gigabytes of data:

Acer has confirmed that names, addresses, and phone numbers belonging to several million clients have been compromised in the breach, as well as sensitive corporate financial and audit details. If nothing else, this is certainly bad optics for Acer, which earlier this year was on the receiving end of a massive $50 million ransomware campaign. As proof of the data theft, the ransomware gang posted a bunch of stolen files on the REvil website, including financial spreadsheets, bank balances, and bank communications. It was never made clear if this was partially the result of Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities that had been used before then by Chinese hackers. In any event, now several months latest, hacking group Desorden said it has infiltrated Acer’s servers in India and swiped data relating to “millions” of customers. 

Well, this is the worst case scenario. This data can be used to launch other attacks, steal identities, etc. Making this a non trivial event. And what makes this worse is it’s clear that Acer has not learned from what happened in March. Which means you can fully expect that other hacker groups will target the company.

So knowing all of this, would you buy an Acer computer? I would think twice.

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