73% Of Canadian IT Departments Have Seen Rise In Employees Opening Malicious Links: HP

Today, HP released its latest HP Wolf Security report: Out of Sight & Out of Mind which highlights the rise of hybrid work changing user behavior and creating new cybersecurity challenges for IT departments. The study revealed phishing is becoming increasingly successful with 73% of Canadian IT departments seeing a rise in the number of employees opening malicious links or attachments in an email over the last year. The research exposes the risk to businesses with a growing number of employees buying unsanctioned devices in tandem with the increase in cyberattacks, making IT support more complex, time-consuming, and costly than ever.  

Key findings:  

  • 35% of Canadians have been clicking more on malicious links since working from home.
  • Only 32% of remote workers considered security when purchasing new IT equipment, compared to 52% who considered cost
  • 53% of users agree that they feel stranded working from home, and if something were to go wrong they’d be on their own
  • 42% of Canadian employees agree “Cybersecurity never enters my mind when I’m working: that’s IT’s job”
  • 66% of Canadian IT departments agree that protecting against, detecting and recovering from firmware attacks has become more difficult
  • 20% of Canadian IT decision-makers estimate the cost of support has increased by 51-60%

You can see the report here.

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