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Can’t Get The Apple Polishing Cloth? Get This Cloth Instead…. If You Can

Posted in Commentary with tags on November 6, 2021 by itnerd

The Apple Polishing Cloth is the surprise runaway hit from Apple’s October event. It wasn’t actually announced, but once it was discovered it sold out quickly. It’s even gotten the iFixit teardown treatment. That’s because up until now, that the only way you could get your hands on one was to buy an Apple Pro Display XDR. Apple says it is made of “soft, nonabrasive material” designed to prevent damage to nano-texture displays. In short, you need the Apple Polishing Cloth to clean it properly without harming the display in any way. Presumably to allow Apple to avoid another “Staingate“. And it’s got a compatibility list which is mind blowing.

It’s available for $19 USD, if you can get your hands on one as it’s sold out into February 2022 which is insane.

iFixit describes the cloth as follows:

The material feels identical to the inner lining of an iPad Smart Cover, which features a thin layer of microfiber on the inside. Both have a distinct synthetic leather feel to them with a hint of fuzziness, similar to Alcantara.


Upon closer inspection, it’s actually two cloths glued together! If you feel a bit underwhelmed by your $19 purchase, pull both layers apart and suddenly you have two cloths, each costing only $9.50.

Now I have been a victim of “Staingate“, but I am not going to pay $19 USD for a cloth. So I figured that I needed an option that was just as good. I did manage to examine one of these cloths for a few minutes as I have have a client with a Pro Display XDR. To me, this cloth is similar to if not exactly the same as the ones that have shipped with lab quality microscopes for years. So with the help of my wife who works in a lab with these sorts of microscopes, I sourced an alternative from Amazon. They do a great job of cleaning my new MacBook Pro screen and they cost $22.28 CDN for 24 cloths which is less than one Apple Polishing Cloth. Clearly others have figured this out as these cloths are sold out as I type this. But it is likely to be back in stock way sooner than the Apple Polishing Cloth. So if you want a cloth to clean your MacBook Pro screen, that’s likely your best option that isn’t from Apple. And to further help you, here is Apple’s official advice for cleaning Apple screens.