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Reimagining Baseball Training With ProPlayAI

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Every day, kids are practicing to get better at the game they love.

They take instruction from coaches, run through drills, do exercises, and get advice on nutrition. Maybe their families go a little further to get them in specialized training programs designed to hone their skills and make them better athletes. 

But in today’s modern sports world, training elite athletes is about so much more than gym time, repetition in practice, and good nutrition. As important as these are, elite athletes of all ages are also using data and analytics to refine their craft, boost their performance, fend off injury — and even promote themselves to the coaches and scouts who are evaluating their potential as a prospect.

ProPlayAI has developed the technology to collect athletic intelligence, helping pitchers hone their mechanics and maximize their movement on the mound. The app uses a smartphone camera to capture the windup, producing stats on how a pitcher moves and measures their skill level beyond pitch velocity.  With real time feedback and analysis, ProPlayAI highlights areas that need improvement, and tracks progress as a pitcher gets better.

ProPlayAI quantifies 3D motion data into key metrics that help quantify joint angles and velocities, but also the speed of the arm towards the plate, how deceptive the pitcher’s delivery might be, and other key metrics that can help identify fatigue and progress. This results in a better, more actionable pitching session.

This helps athletes become more self-aware; a self-aware athlete is a better overall athlete; and the better athlete is better positioned to win, which is the ultimate goal.

But most importantly, ProPlayAI makes collecting and using this data accessible for everyone; any athlete at any level can use it to assess their delivery. There is no need to go to a fancy lab, no need to hook up to a bunch of sensors and no requirement to have a degree in advanced mathematics. 

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Nate Pearson — one of just a handful of pitchers in Jays’ history capable of throwing more than 100 miles per hour — is a co-founder of ProPlayAI along with Dr. Sonne and CEO Reed Hanoun. He also uses the tool to help him continually improve and become one of the hardest throwers in the Major Leagues.

Based in Toronto, ProPlayAI was founded by scientists and innovators interested in making the capture of biomechanical data easier and more accessible. It is focused on groundbreaking technologies to help sports development and injury reduction in athletes.

Learn more about ProPlayAI at

Do You Have A Lot Of Menu Bar Items On Your 2021 MacBook Pro? Here’s A Tip To Make Sure The Notch Isn’t A Problem

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The most controversial thing about the MacBook Pro that was just released is the notch. While it gives you insanely thin bezels, it does cut into the menu bar. That’s a problem for me as I run iStat Menus which monitors things like RAM and CPU usage as well as system temperature. If I have enough things active, it runs up against the notch:

On the left side of the screenshot is where the notch is. If anything else enters the menu bar, it goes under the notch. For example I’ve gotten rid of the Bluetooth icon for that reason as it was inaccessible at times. I needed a more elegant solution. Which is why after some research I installed a utility called Bartender. What Bartender does is allows you to take control of your menu bar so you can decide what is visible, and when it is visible. In my case when I run it, it makes my menu bar look like this:

While I clearly have a lot more space on my menu bar, you’re likely wondering where the rest of the stuff went to. Well, the stuff that I don’t need to look at on a constant basis gets placed here:

You can see that there’s a hidden menu bar with items that I don’t need on a constant basis. You can make it reappear if you click on the three dots. But the really cool thing is that they can reappear when needed. For example:

  • When I am on battery power, the battery icon will show.
  • When Time Machine is doing a backup, the Time Machine icon will show.
  • When I am disconnected from WiFi, the WiFi icon will show.
  • When my Cisco AnyConnect VPN Connection gets dropped, the icon will show.
  • When Garmin Connect has a notification, the icon will show.

The net result is that I get some space on my menu bar that allows me to see what I need to see, while making sure that the notch will not be an issue. And this setup can help anyone who doesn’t have a new MacBook Pro, but simply has a Mac with a ton of menu bar items.

Hopefully this tip helps you. If you have any ideas as to how to bring sanity to your menu bar, leave a comment or send me an email and share your thoughts.